A memory like an elephant. No wonder she makes them.


Yesterday I received a parcel. Any ‘crafty’ blogger worth her salt would recognise at a glance who it was from, just by looking at the picture.


Last year (was it last year? Or the year before?) I took the boys on a short holiday up to Ric-Rac territory and I spent a laughter filled afternoon at Jodie’s place. She took me to a couple of fabric shops, where despite my best intentions I went a little crazy and bought a few things, some of which ended up in The Reading Quilt. (see below)


That photo was taken at the last Craft Camp, when I still had pink hair. Happy happy times…

Anyway, Jodie proves yet again that she has an eye for detail. She demonstrates this all the time with the amazing and beautiful toys she makes, but I’m here to state that there’s nothing wrong with her memory. She cleaned out her sewing room and unearthed a bundle of fabric she thought I might like. Have a look at this:

Exhibit A: Fabric bought with Jodie and used in the quilt:


Exhibit B: Fabric sent by Jodie:

Exhibit C: Fabric in the quilt:
(Hint- look at the black newsprinty one)

Exhibit D: Fabric sent by Jodie:

My favourite prints are things like spots, stripes and geometric-y things.

Spots AND stripes! *swoon*
Geometric-y things! (with added whimsical flowers!)

Thank you so much Jodie! Once I put together my Quilting bee quilt and the one I’m making for a friend, I’ll have to make something gorgeous from this. What a lovely holiday surprise.
ps. Isn’t our little corner of the internet a lovely place?

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One Response to A memory like an elephant. No wonder she makes them.

  1. Jodie says:

    I tried to find this layer cake to give you that day…but couldn’t find it, it only took a complete sewing room move to unearth it.
    Happy sewing.

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