Things I read this morning.

Saw this fabulous little doco from a link that Rhonda posted.
I love the way this couple reuse things, think outside the square and have independent lives. His philosphy about finances and retirement at the end of the clip is SO what I’m aiming for. It’s a very charming 6 minutes. Well worth a look.

In the spirit of Rhonda’s weekend reading posts:
1. Have a look at this post about how cold it gets in America. I can’t even begin to imagine why people would willingly choose to live in a climate like that. I whinge if the weather gets to 17C, let alone -38C!

2. A recipe using lentils. Surprisingly, I have all the ingredients in my cupboard so , little though the boys may suspect…. I’ll be making this sometime next week.

3. A nice thing to do in the holidays…

4. I haven’t tried this stuffed zucchini recipe,, but I sent the link to Blogless Sandy who has a glut of zucchinis at the moment and she said it was delicious.

And here’s what I did yesterday. I picked up a kilo of plums for $1 at the local organic fruit shop where I get their excess leaves for the compost. I tried the plum jam recipe in the thermomix/Uma ‘Everyday Cooking’ book. It asked for powdered cloves but I only had whole ones, so in the best ‘waste not, want not’ tradition I ground up 2 or 3 of them. I may have overdone it a tad, (very hard to estimate how many full cloves makes 1/2 tsp of ground cloves), but I like the taste of cloves so I don’t care.
I’m popping up to the shop today, (Friday is my day for collecting the compost stuff… it’s the chook’s favourite day of the week), and I’ll see if they have any more of those plums. $1/kg is too good to pass up, especially when the jam tastes as good as this.
The bread is a wholemeal loaf, with whole wheat ground up in Uma to make the flour. I also put in 20g of linseed as well. It’s a dense (like my children ha ha!) loaf that tastes bloody beautiful with homemade strawberry jam. I had no idea before thais just how fabulous home made jam is. Better late than never, I suppose.
The ginger beer is going on its second week. I divided the plant in two and gave the other half to Helen from work. This batch seemed unhappy, so yesterday I gave in and sprinkled a little bit of yeast into it and it seems to be in better spirits now. Lots of bubbles.
The basil and watercress labna I made is in the fridge. The dried apples, lemon verbena and mint are in the pantry.
Seriously… I either need a lottery win or a wealthy benefactor to keep me from having to go back to work. I’m too busy!!!!

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8 Responses to Things I read this morning.

  1. K.B. says:

    I just had to comment on the -38 C 🙂 I spent 10 years in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 7 of those without a car, which means a lot of time spent outside walking. Winter temps in the -30s were common, -40s not unusual, and -50s not too rare. The coldest absolute temperature while I was there was -47 C, and the coldest with windchill was -58 C.

    But, you learn to dress for it, and since there is very low humidity, it’s actually not that bad. No, really. A nice, no-wind, sunny -27 C day in the middle of winter is a great day!

    I’m now back home, on the shore of Lake Erie, and with the humidity, I actually find winters just as bad, but in a different way. Here, it’s hard to get warm once you are inside, since it’s so damp!

    I love your blog, and you really should visit Canada one winter 🙂

  2. river says:

    Well done on the bread and jam! I remember homemade apricot jam, my mum used to make huge batches of it with cases of slightly over ripe apricots she’d get at the markets for half price or less just as the place was closing. The huge kettle would bubble away in the kitchen with clean marbles bouncing around in the bottom to prevent sticking.

  3. trash says:

    Your things you read this mornig is waaaaay better than mine. From yesterday’s Times comes the quote “”The Physics syllabus has been made easier to attract girls and less bright pupils to study it at A level,”. This was said to MPs by the head of a leading exam body. No really, a man said these actual words to a group of politicians during a review of vocational education.

    Anyone else want to join me on the aghast boat?

  4. Liz says:

    Thanks for the link – much appreciated. I am a plum jam fan too, unfortuantely mum didn’t get many on her tree this year so I may have to buy some plums to make it with – I like the idea of putting some cloves in it – yum

  5. Carpe Diem says:

    Thanks for the link to my blogpost… but I don’t live in America (USA) I’m in Canada in the north central part of British Columbia.

    • Frogdancer says:

      No wonder it was so cold!!! oops….Sorry about the “American” thing. I knew you were on that body of land; should’ve jumped back to check out for sure where you were.

  6. I saw that first video too. Don’t you like the lovely couple? ;o)

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