I start tomorrow.


A week ago a large parcel was delivered. To me. It could only be the thermomix training material. Being in holiday mode as I am, I lifted out the cookbooks to flick through because they’re fun and have pictures and left everything else in the box.
Yesterday my sister dropped in and agreed to have a demo for me. She asked if I had any invitations she could hand out.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said. “I was invited to the demo I went to by email.” Then I paused. “But there’s a big box full of stuff in the hall. Maybe there’s something in there?”

Naturally there was. She’s not stupid, my sister! After she left I sat on the couch and flicked through the material. There’s a lot I have to digest.
(See what I did there? It’s a machine that cooks things, so I used ‘digest’… I’m either hilarious or I really need to go back to work to occupy my brain.)


Here’s a photo of my official apron, still in the wrapping. Yep, it’s all starting to become a little real…

Today is earmarked for getting my head around the paperwork for this new venture, getting some more work done on a quilt I’m making for a friend and also sneaking in a ‘Dr Phil’ episode. (I hope it’s one full of crazy people. They’re so entertaining and they make me feel normal and high achieving…)

I have an uneasy feeling that I should’ve booked a few more demos. I’ll turn up tomorrow for my first day of training and all of the other people will probably have demos coming out their ears. I only have my sister with a firm date and Blogless Sandy will get back to me with a date after she talks with a few friends. I have to get out of holiday mode and get into it.

Actually, if anyone is in Melbourne and wants to see why I’ve run mad over this machine and why I’d rescue it before anything or anyone else if the house was on fire, please feel free to email me at contactATdancingwithfrogsDOTcom (substituting the symbols for the capitals) and we’ll set something up. Axe murderers are forbidden to email me about this, or indeed about anything at all.

Oh! Forgot to give an update on the ginger beer. When my sister dropped over yesterday she was on her way home from working at the Esplanade market all day. It was a hot, windy day and she was ready for a cool drink. So I poured her a long, tall glass of ginger beer from the last bottle of the first batch I made.
(If you can work that out.) She loved it. So much so that she took home a bottle from the batch I made up that morning. I offered to split the ginger beer plant with her so she could make her own but she looked at me as if I’d run mad. Ah well… she’s such a good cook that if she loved the taste of the ginger beer I made then I count that as a success!

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6 Responses to I start tomorrow.

  1. dixiebelle says:

    Good luck! How are you going to find the time?

  2. kris says:

    Your sister is a smart woman. Why make ginger beer when someone else will make it for you?

    I am in Melbourne, but am moving etc etc at the moment. I will send you an email about a demo in a couple of months.

  3. L says:

    I wish you could do a demo for me, but Sydney’s a bit of a hike. I went to a friend’s house and she has one, but I don’t think I really understood it. It’s very unlike me not to covet an expensive kitchen appliance 😉

  4. sannah says:

    Hi! My mum just sent me a link to your site. I am in the process of becoming a thermomix consultant as well! I had my practical training on tuesday, and my base 2 training next thursday before I get let loose on the world on the 3rd February! I am very excited, but terribly nervous. Really not sure if I will be able to get enough bookings, but hopefully things will start falling into place. Good luck with your training – keep us updated!
    Lovely to meet you,

  5. river says:

    I’d book a party. How far are you willing to travel?

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