Excellent trolling and Independence Days Challenge #2

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Autocowrecks: Epic Cat Facts Trolling

This made me laugh! Apparently a guy’s cousin put his (own) new phone number up on Facebook so he decided to have a little fun with him.


The start of the new school year is galloping towards us. My days are spent frantically trying to finish a quilt, frantically trying to finish the long list of jobs I have to do and also trying to get the kids to finish their holiday homework so they’ll be ready for school. The last two days of precious precious holidays are going to be spent doing Thermomix training, so the last-ditch efforts to Get Things Done will be done over the next two days. *sigh*

Independence Days Week 2:

1. Plant something: tomatoes and basil

2. Harvest something: 20 eggs, ginger beer, tomato, zucchini, beetroot, mint, beans

3. Preserve something: Plum jam; dried apples, lemon verbena and stewed apples.

4. Waste not: Sponge cake and strawberry jam; whey extracted from labna was used in a loaf of bread instead of water; kitchen scraps given to dogs, chooks or put in the food processor and given to the worms; weed tea (with chook manure) used to fertilise plants.

5.Want not: …. ummm… I bought school shoes and school shirts for the boys…?

6. Eat the food: beetroot, mint, tomatoes, beans, eggs, various herbs for teas.

7. Build Community: Gave jam and ginger beer to Liz, gave ginger beer to Kate.


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4 Responses to Excellent trolling and Independence Days Challenge #2

  1. Kaye says:

    This is hyesterical – I love it! I think my oldest daughter is now in for some prank texting! PS. I just stumbled onto your blog – it’s great – I will now be a regular visitor!

  2. river says:

    That cat thing is funny, but I can see it becoming extremely annoying very quickly.
    I can see you won’t be getting much sleep in the next two days. You’ll have to assign a 5000 word essay for the first lesson so you can nap a little.

  3. Trish says:

    Love the cat trolling , might spam my friend who loves cats with it . She got me with a prank once to call the water board and ask for Sue Ridge. I had finished night shift and didn’t get the joke.
    I am looking forward to planting up my vegie garden and getting chookens.

  4. Trish says:

    Have not visited for a while,my David is 18 and we left home …

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