Release the lurkers!!!!

Back to work today.
I’ve been doing thermomix training, finishing a quilt, getting the house to rights (having a 2 hour cleaning session with all the boys on Sunday was an enormous help), trying to cure a broody chook and getting my head around having a thermomix demo here tonight.
Maybe I need to get back to work for a rest?

Hey, just for fun…. why don’t we have a “lurkers unveiling’ today? Leap on and leave a comment. It could be about anything: chooks, veggie gardening, quilting, teaching, knitting, cooking, …. whatever. Blogless people can leave an anonymous comment and just type a name in at the end of your comments. Go on! This could be fun!
And now I’m going to pack my bag and icecream container (for the coffee grounds from the staff room) and go to work.
I know I’ll have a good time once I’m there. It’s just the getting there that’s hard.

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41 Responses to Release the lurkers!!!!

  1. Jane says:

    I’m still lurking. Your energy is inspiring, I just wish it was also contagious. I was wondering if you would let me know where you buy your wheat. If you’d rather not (in case it reveals your location) I totally understand. I’m just having trouble finding an economical source. I hope you had a fab first work day.

  2. fifi says:

    I’m not a lurker, but I just wanted to say that you are very inspiring! I would love to do what you do and sure I will one day.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi – I’m a lurker – I’m a school librarian in Glassboro New Jersey USA. Love reading your blog! It’s great to see how you make it all work. Wish I would have some chickens here! Maybe one day! I have a blog but I never write on it. I’m much better at reading blogs than writing. Hope you have a great school year!

  4. farmer_liz says:

    Hi, I’m a new lurker, you have some interesting stuff here, love the photo on your banner! Looking forward to reading more 🙂 Liz

  5. Kate says:

    Hi, you are as always inspirational. Sorry your fun in the sun is being interupted by the need to earn. Look at it this way only two days to go to the weekend and how many days to end of term??
    This week I have semi dried tomatoes, used up spotty banana from the fruit bowl and made muffins, tidied up veg patch ready for autum winter veg. Picked and processed beans, (note my scarlets are just starting to set beans) made scrumptious silverbeet/spinach salad and have just bottled a batch of tomato relish, so of which will be donated to an Austrian friend who simply inhales it. See your activity is infectious.

    Good luck with your demo this week.

  6. Melissa says:

    Hi my name’s Melissa and i’m a lurker!

    Love reading your blog, and your sense of humour!

  7. Pru says:

    I’m going to de-lurk to say I LOVE your blog!
    I find you so inspirational & I love hearing all about what’s going on with you & your lovely boys 🙂 The way you write about all the things you do in the garden etc make me want to move out of my little inner-city apartment & buy a big property somewhere!!

  8. Nicola says:

    Hi! I’ve been lurking for years and adore your blog. I’m a mom of 4 (a girl followed by 3 boys) and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I love everything you do and have always enjoyed reading about your frugal travels with your sons!

  9. Deb says:

    Your blog is inspirational. The Thermomix almost sounds good enough to make me want to cook. Now I need to stop reading and get to it. Thanks for encouraging the lurkers to have a chat. Deb – Albury, NSW

  10. Cheryl says:

    I’m a lurker and I’m enjoying your adventures. I’m a Canadian teacher, quilter, gardener, etc. and I admire your energetic pursuit of the lifestyle changes that you want to make. I too like to make as much of my food from scratch as possible. No chickens allowed where I live though.

  11. Miki says:

    Hi Frogdancer, have to admit I’m a lurker. I came here via the Simple Savings site (I mostly lurk there too!) when you put up your link to your soapmaking posts. Love your blog

  12. sannah says:

    Hi, I’m not a lurker, just new-ish to reading your blog!
    Hope your first day back at work goes well, and can’t wait to hear how your demo tonight goes? Are you actually doing it, or having this one done for you? My first one is on Sunday, (I finish my training tomorrow!) – eeekkkk!

  13. Joy says:

    I’m not sure what a “lurker” is, however, I do enjoy your blog – you make me laugh! In a nice way I must add. I am retired, empty nester and have a lifestyle property in northern NSW. Ten chookies, 17 cows (including Curly the Bull and 8 young calves, 7 of which will have to go as they are boys. Also 2 golden retrievers, who are layabouts, although one did catch one of the chooks once and brought it to me, quite unharmed, but in a state of shock. I have just had a clucky chook, it lasted nearly 2 months, but it was easier than the caging treatment. Keep up your entertaining blog. Joy

  14. Snoskred says:

    I bought climbing spinach. I didn’t know it existed, it is pretty cool.

    I wonder how you are going with rice hulls. If you get the time sometime can you put something about it in a post?

  15. Urspo says:

    I am not a lurker, or a stalker.
    I am an aardvark.

  16. fifi says:

    That last comment made me burst out laughing.
    (as opposed to lolling)

  17. Nutmeg Nelly says:

    Back to work for me today too, at kindergarten. I am a sole Mum of three large and always hungry people, I love reading your blog.

  18. Carolyn says:

    Outing myself as a lurker! I think I may have commented once before but it was along time ago. So I’m a long-time reader, infrequent commentator.

    I enjoy reading about your family, house & garden and work so much. It’s great to read about your boys (dreadlocks in, dreadlocks out), your fantastic solar oven work, and the amazing efforts you’ve put into your garden.

    I work in the education sector too and, although I now work through school holidays, the return of school this week has hit my workload hard! I feel your pain.

  19. Kris says:

    I’m a lurked too. I live in Tassie and do a bit of gardening, a bit of quilting, a bit of baking but not nearly as much as I used to.

    I feel happy when I read your blog because you seem so happy.

  20. river says:

    Laughing at Urspo!
    I’ll be making time this weekend to get to our botanical garden shop to see if they have any trombone zucchini seeds. I really want to try and grow them!

  21. AnnaY says:

    You inspire me in so many ways. Your garden, your boys, your budget tips and your take on teaching (from one to another). Love how “work” is going to be a “break”. 😉

  22. Liz says:

    Hope school was painless. My daughter starts prep tomorrow – I have butterflies for her. Love all your lurkers comments!

  23. (not That) Joan says:

    Hi! Delurking just long enough to say I shouldn’t even be here… i’m supposed to be organizing our move! But I couldn’t resist your invitation. Sigh, back to the cartons…

  24. Lorraine says:

    Love reading your blog – you fit so much into your days! Good luck with the Thermomix …it looks like an amazing appliance…have read up on it and it seems there is not much it doesn’t do! Hope your first day back wasn’t too taxing…..I would think the ice cream container would have been full of coffee grounds with everyone needing some help to get through te day! I have five teachers in the family….they all went back last week….with pupils back this week.

  25. Petra says:

    Hi, I’m a lurker from the other side of the world -from Germany. I’m an 48 year old editor with family/friends/pets/house/garden and some hobbies. I found your blog by chance and find it very interesting to read about how life looks like in Australia and about your interesting projects. Is it okay if I lurke again from time to time?
    Best wishes

  26. Edwina says:

    How did the Thermomix Demo go? Way out of my price range I think – just me to cook for so don’t think it is meant for singles – is it?


  27. Victoria says:

    I am not lurker but I am a big fan of your chooks and their activities…

  28. Barb. says:

    Wow, what a great way to get people commenting. Maybe I should try that.

    How did the demo go, I’m kinda thinking of getting one of these, would go to a demo if I had the chance.


  29. Rachel says:

    Hi…I’m a lurker and love reading your blog. It’s full of great ideas and always has me thinking on how I can become more sustainable

    I’d love to see more photos of all your gorgeous pets, especially your cute as a button cavaliers(and your mums)


  30. Kate says:

    Keeping us on tenderhooks are we? How did the demo go? Or did you melt into the Thermomix and dissappear? Hopeing no news is good news and you are celebrating.

    Urspo I think we are all ardvarks at times.

  31. Bronislaw says:

    My name is Bronisław Komorowski and I lurk. I am Polish man from Warsaw who enjoy to read your blog. In fact I read post many time each day to give myself funny and to see what beautiful life you lead with your childrens. You also have many many friend in blog world and real world. I think Scott Abode is best.

  32. Deanna M. says:

    Alas, I have no blog. I love reading your blog and look forward to reading what you have quilted, cooked, or grown in your garden. When I read your blog I think I am going to be just like frogdancer and get my garden in and start sewing again after I dig my sewing machine out of the back closet. It hasn’t happened yet but plans are in the making to start planting this spring.

    Good luck on your first day back and how did the demo go?

  33. Kate says:

    Sorry I missed this post. I’m not a lurker and try to leave a comment most days.

  34. flirbee says:

    another lurker (I think I qualify as I’ve only posted very very infrequently): love the blog and reading about your teaching, living frugally and what a great mum you are to your 4 boys.

    Im a mum of 2 who works fulltime and lives in the dandenongs

  35. Erin says:

    I missed lurker unveiling day! I lurk you from the SS forums, based in Adelaide 🙂

  36. Urspo says:

    i am a lurking aardvark (weekends only)

  37. Ellen says:

    I have been too busy chasing around after the rellies this week, to tie my shoe-laces – let alone do any lurking. It has been great fun reading your ‘lurker’ comments – what great people – and as for Bronislaw, he very, very funny man.

  38. Jools says:

    I am a lurker to & love your posts, keep them coming…

  39. a red ham says:

    I am a lurker & love to read the stories of the funny things the students say in your class. I also love the hear how you live so frugally. I need to assess our spending and take example from you!

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