Shopping in a hurry.

demotivational posters - I CHECKED

 I was sitting in the staff room after lunch, while others were working. This caught me unawares and I LOLled. When I showed the others, they liked it too.


Yesterday’s demo went really well. Blogless Sandy bought her thermomix and the other girls were really interested and we had fun. I DID make a rookie mistake though.

I was going through the recipes with Evan15 to make sure I had all of the times in my head. I got to the mushroom risotto… the centrepiece of the whole menu. I was halfway through describing the sauteing time for the onion when it dawned on me. When I’d bought the ingredients for the demo, I’d forgotten the mushrooms.

Fortunately there’s a Woolworths between my place and Sandy’s place.


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2 Responses to Shopping in a hurry.

  1. river says:

    Fancy forgetting the key ingredient! I bet you’ll never do that again!
    You should do like Santa does, make a list and check it twice.

  2. trash says:

    It’s a bit like when I held a demo of some flash baking hardware here and the time came to slip the fully-laden flash baking stone into my oven only for me to discover my v.v. old-fashioned oven was 3cm TOO narrow to take it. We had to bake it on an angle!

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