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I had to go to a meeting at work last night (the year 12 parents’ wine and cheese night) and when I came home I saw Evan15 in the kitchen making meringues!!!
I haven’t had a meringue since I don’t know when. When I was little, Mum used to buy us Friday treats and sometimes we’d go to the bakery and we’d choose a meringue each. When I bit into the meringue Evan15 handed me, I was taken straight back.

“Why did you decide to make these?” I asked him.
“Oh, I was bored…” he replied. I love that he isn’t intimidated by any recipe.

But the best thing ever happened last night:

Tom20 is at Tony and Viv’s place at the moment working in the fruit shop. While he was there he casually mentioned to Tony that I have a “second job.”

When they got home last night they walked through the door and Tom20 mentioned the same thing to Viv.

“I’d love to have a second job,” she said. “What is it?”

“Just you wait until you hear what it is!” said Tony.

Unbeknownst to any of us, Viv heard about the thermomix when a friend of hers bought one in January. She’s been researching then ever since. She’s big on the detail and accuracy, being an accountant.  She’s been surfing the net at night after Tony and Caitlin go to bed, drooling over videos on youtube (about the thermomix). She wants to buy one in a month or two but was reluctant to have a stranger come into her  home to demonstrate, so when Tom20 dropped the nugget of information about me being a consultant it was music to her ears. She rang me up practically gibbering with excitement.

“Frogdancer, you may not know it but you’re my new best friend!” she began by saying.

So it turns out I’m going there  Saturday week to do a demo.

Viv and I have always gotten along like a house on fire. I always say that whatever his faults, Tony has excellent taste in wives!

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8 Responses to Mmmmm…

  1. Mary says:

    There is everything to love about this post. Everything. x

  2. Andrea says:

    I have been reading your posts over the weeks and have been sort of interested in your new Thermomix but did wonder if a machine could be so good. Friend Deb invited me to a cooking demo last night and now i understand your enthusiasm for the Thermomix, WOW !!!!!
    Consultant Barb did a great job (only new too) she also loves cooking with it and made it look very easy. Best rissoto i have ever eaten, and in 17 mins but you know all this……. anyway just wanted to say good luck with your future demos .

  3. Widget says:

    So Andrea…….do you own one yet?

  4. Laura says:

    Bwahahahahaha!! thats hilarious!

    What’s BEST about it, is that you will be taking money off Tony!!! With his consent! HAH!!!

    (is it wrong that I am a bit tickled by that?)

  5. persiflage says:

    What a kind, tolerant and competent soul you are!

  6. Lilian says:

    I’ve always been put off with meringues – only because I then have to think about what to do with all the leftover yolks from the eggs… what do you do with them?

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