Skinflint Sunday: Use the sun. It’s cheaper than electricity.


Yesterday was a beautifully sunny day. I’ve been playing a lot with the thermomix so I decided that I’d bring out the solar oven and use it for something other than dehydrating apples and cooking brownies.

I had some veggies left over from the demo I had here on Wednesday night, so in true Skinflint Sunday form I threw them into the thermomix along with some zucchini from the garden and chopped them up. (1 second on speed 6). Then I put them in a bowl and MANUALLY *gasp* mixed them up with some egg, some flour, some chilli flakes and lots of cheese. Placed the mixture into a black baking pan and put some sliced tomatoes from the driveway wicking beds on the top to look pretty. Then I popped it out in the solar oven and went about my day.

Every now and then I had to go past and wipe the condensation from the glass lid. After an hour or so it was just about ready, then Tom20 came back from his Dad’s and put ‘Survivor’ on the computer. We’re running a sweep again this year at work and I was desperate to see the first episode to see what my guy was like. (He’s an arrogant turd, if anyone is interested.) While we were watching ‘Survivor’ the impossible pie sat in the solar oven for a further hour.

Apparently it’s very difficult for things to burn in a solar oven. The extra cooking time didn’t bother this dish at all. I fed David2 and I and had enough for a couple of lunches for me through the week.
Not sure if it’s going to rain here today or not, but if the sun comes out I might do another one just for lunches for me to keep in the freezer. We have heaps of eggs at the moment and it’s so easy… I’d be crazy not to.

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4 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Use the sun. It’s cheaper than electricity.

  1. Widget says:

    I did my own version of this yesterday….no solar oven though! (might be something to get later)

  2. Bev says:

    Sigh! Think I’m going to have to get me a solar oven.

  3. river says:

    aha! Sola Fritatta !

  4. L says:

    I’m slowly coming around to your skinflint ideas, but I must admit I’m a little skeptical of this one. How much do you reckon it costs to cook a frittata in the oven? Surely it would take an awful lot of fritattas to cover the cost of the solar oven? Maybe I’m kidding myself- I’ve never actually considered the oven in my power-saving attempts.

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