Getting away from moulting chooks..


Yesterday I went to Ceres. I didn’t really want to but Ryan17 is doing a subject called ‘Music Styles’ by correspondence because our school doesn’t offer it, so when they have seminars for the kids I have to take him Thornbury (MILES away!!!) to attend.
It was market day so there was plenty of activity. All the well-heeled hippies were out buying their organic veggies, free range eggs and meeting their friends.


I sat on a old green chair at the market, drank lemongrass tea and knitted a bamboo washcloth and read a book. A guy was playing flamenco guitar and it was all very peaceful.


Little kids were there feeding the chooks. I walked over to have a look at them when I arrived and identical twin boys of around 3 years of age were feeding them bits of cabbage. One of them kept handing me pieces of cabbage so I could do it too. He was most excited. I obliged, though somehow it didn’t have the novelty value for me as it did for him!

While I was at the market I bought a sourdough and olive roll for lunch. OMG!!! This will be something I’ll be making at home. It was absolutely delicious.

The market’s shopping baskets.


And just in case people think I’m being mean calling the crowd “well-heeled hippies” here’s the sort of dog that the clientele of the market own. Nothing wrong with owning a standard poodle, (if I was more active I’d own one myself), but it’s not the sort of animal you usually associate with tree-huggers.


I didn’t wander around the gardens this time. I figured they’d be like my garden… that sad time at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn when you’re waiting for the last shreds of produce to finish ripening on the summer plants and the seedlings of autumn are too small to look like anything much yet. So I went to the nursery and tracked down a curry plant. (In the Thermomix section that’s coming up I explain why.)

Remember when I bought a plant the last time I was here and after a while I found it still had the plastic tube pot still on it? The plant ended up dying, so I rang Ceres up in a fit of righteous indignation and asked for a credit the next time I was in. Even though it was months ago, they honoured that yesterday, so I picked up some purple broccoli, brussels sprouts, red cabbage and beetroot seedlings as well.

Just have to find the time to plant them.

I’ve just looked at the time and realised I’ll be teaching in about 20 minutes and I want to get a few things photocopied, so what I’ll do is copy an email I sent out to my customers and the people who have said they want to be on an email list to get recipes. It has a few links to some really nice things to make. (Including that curry leaf soup, which I can now make!!)

Hi everyone!

I saw this link on FB this morning and thought it was a really good idea for a healthy snack to use up bits and pieces. All you need is some dough and some stewed fruit:

Then I saw another link; this time a very flexible slice recipe, perfect to use for lunch boxes or when people drop over. This recipe uses dried fruit , which we’re not huge fans of at our place, but in the comments someone mentions using nuts and seeds instead. I love a recipe that ‘s easy to tweak!
Last night I went to a consultants meeting and someone cooked 3 dishes for us. She’s from Malaysia so the dishes were Asian inspired and were all very nice. I’ll give you the links to all of the recipes but the standout for me was the first one: the Tomato with Curry Leaves soup. (I’m seriously going to the nursery up the road and buying a curry leaf plant. This soup was delicious!) Oh! One other thing about this recipe: the spices are separated by “/”… this means OR. So don’t add them all, just choose the one you want to use. Last night she used Keen’s Curry Powder. It looked like a lot and I thought it might be too hot but it wasn’t.
She also made steamed Mua Chee (or glutinous rice dollops with peanut sugar crumbs for those of us whose Malaysian is a little rusty!) using the varoma while cooking the soup. These looked a little strange but were lovely. The peanut coating really made them. I took one, popped it in my mouth, then made sure to get another couple before the plate moved away.
You can also mill your rice flour in the thermomix to make these even more cheaply.

I’m going backwards here because the first thing she made (because the dough needed to rest) was Black Sesame crisps, which was a dough rolled very thin and coated with the sesame seeds. Easy-peasy. It was passed around on a plate, broken up into pieces and it didn’t last long! Not a highly flavoured dish but something that would make a useful side dish to a light lunch.
I’m off to Ceres today because my son needs to go to a seminar for his music subject that he’s doing by correspondence and he needed a lift. Maybe I’ll be able to pick up my curry plant there? Then I’m driving in the opposite direction to the Peninsula later in the day to deliver Tina’s thermomix to her. It’s all happening!

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5 Responses to Getting away from moulting chooks..

  1. Liz says:

    Funnily enough I went to Ceres yesterday too – I just dropped in to buy manure but came out with a blueberry as well. I suspect I may occasinally fall into the category of well heeled hippie – although a dogless and penniless version courtesy of being a stay at home mum.

  2. Barbara says:

    I love your well-heeled hippi comment!
    I’ve actually stopped going to our
    local farmers market because it’s
    become such a trendy yuppie scene
    (luckily there are other good markets
    here in Adelaide). Good luck with the
    curry plant – plant it where it can
    really spread – ours is now 6 feet

  3. river says:

    Ceres looks like a lovely place to visit.

    I think Keen’s curry powder comes in mild and hot, she may have used the mild.

  4. Bev says:

    The sign above the chooks says “please do not feed animals” ??? (Oh, but chooks are birds.)

    Can I be on that email list to receive recipes, please?

  5. Bev says:

    In the sesame seeds recipe link, it doesn’t say when to add the sesame seeds. Do you just sprinkle them over the rolled-out dough?

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