Independence Days challenge.

Every now and then on Failbook they have a win. Watch this light suit dance. It’s incredible.

1. Plant Something: Only some spring onions that I used for a demo. I planted the ends in a pot with other spring onions. They’re starting to sprout.

2. Harvest Something: zucchini, beans, warrigal greens, oregano, basil, parsley, chillies, lemon verbena,

3. Preserve: dried lemon verbena and oregano. Saved bean and lettuce seeds.

4. Waste Not: *Used up a jar of baking mix I’d mixed up in January for Impossible lasagne. We weren’t crazy about the dish but I didn’t want to waste the mix, so we bit the bullet (so to speak… it doesn’t actually have bullets in it!) and ate the meal again. I have leftovers enough for a lunch for me next week sometime.
* Refrigerating custard that’s leftover. Evan15 loves it the next day.
*The usual leftovers to chooks and worms. Getting veggie scraps from the fruit shop for compost. Bringing home used coffee grounds from work for the gardens and worm farms. Leftover bread and buns from the bakery to the chooks.
*Scrounged around in the fridge to use up sad veggies in a coleslaw. There was a cabbage being given away at work so I grabbed it. (Almost) free coleslaw for dinner last night!
*Harvested dried Purple King beans and used the pods as mulch around my bay tree in a pot.

5.Want Not: *got my first payment from Thermomix this week. Even though I lose about a third of it in tax because of the teaching job, I’m still a happy camper.
*bought beetroot, red cabbage, brussels sprout and purple broccoli seedlings and a curry plant from Ceres

6.Eat: zucchini, chilli, silver beet

7. Skill Up/Build Community: Simon from work gave me some chilli jam yesterday, so on monday I’m giving him some plum jam. (That jam is still coming in handy for this section!!)

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2 Responses to Independence Days challenge.

  1. isabelle says:

    Love the light dance!

  2. Ellen says:

    The dancers must have had a lot of fun – I’m glad they had more than three suits. Ceres looks a great place to while an hour ot two away.

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