Only a week to go….

Ayers Rock


I was up at 4.30AM today, sending Evan15 off to the year 10 Central Australia trip. It’s a 10 day camp where they bus all the way to the middle of the continent and see the red centre… something I’ve never done but 3 of the boys have now done. (Ryan17 didn’t go last year because he and David18 were in the USA at the time, which we all thought was a fair trade.) I was waking up every hour on the hour, worried that Evan15’s phone alarm wouldn’t go off and we’d miss the bus. I didn’t fancy having to make a mad drive through the Western suburbs of Melbourne trying to track down his bus. Fortunately, this hideous fate didn’t befall us.

This year’s trip is huge, with 3 buses going. The first bus left yesterday and already the first bad thing has happened, with one of the girls leaving $150 behind at the first rest stop. (I don’t know how she managed it, but you could imagine the kerfuffle that would’ve gone on.) Evan15 had earned all of his spending money himself (he currently has 2 after school jobs) so I’m pretty sure he’ll be guarding his wallet with his life.


I’ve been having a slow couple of weeks with demos, which turned out to be a good thing as I was slowly drowning under housework. Schoolwork always gets busy at the end of term with every class having essays that need marking and so my life has been a flurry of lots of little activities. Now that I’ve finished my marking and there’s only a week to go before I have two week’s holidays, I’m looking to fill in the daytime slots with some demos while I can. Why not make the most of the holidays?

I saw this recipe for a beef casserole with a herby cheese scone crust which sounds delectable. It’s going to be a day touched with the cold finger of winter today, so I think this will be just the ticket. The blog I found this on is a new discovery and it looks great. Just go to the recipe index at the top and there’s a plethora of different things to try. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks just throwing things into the thermomix and making up recipes as I go along, but I really should branch out and give other things a try. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal I’m going to be making lots of different things and really giving Uma a run for her money.


1. Plant something: beetroot and rocket seedlings from the gardening club; beetroot seedlings from Ceres; the roots from the spring onions I’m using in demos. (They’re sprouting!)

2. Harvest: eggs, zucchini, silverbeet, beans, basil, parsley

3. Preserve: I was going to dry some basil but we ended up eating it instead.

4. Waste Not: blitzing home-made bread rolls in the thermomix to make breadcrumbs for an impossible pie; picking up stale bread from the bakery as usual; veggie scraps from the fruit shop for compost; any food scraps given to chooks or blitzed for worm farms;

5. Want Not: got paid for my first month of selling thermomixes. Not bad!

6. Eat: all harvested things.

7. Skill up/build community: arranged to give one of my thermomix customers some bean and tomato seeds. We veggie gardeners have to stick together!




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4 Responses to Only a week to go….

  1. river says:

    Your mention of beef casserole has me scribbling down a new shopping list: 1kg chuck steak, few sprigs fresh thyme, more onions…….mmmm, winter foods.

  2. Annie says:

    mee too, I’m off to see that recipe. I’m looking forward to the break too.

  3. Liz says:

    I think you’re probably better off freezing basil than drying it if you want to preserve it. I’ve never tried drying it but I understand it loses most of its flavour, it retains it if you freeze it (although it does go a bit black and floppy).

  4. Ellen says:

    I hope you baby has a wonderful time on his trip. It sounds wonderful and I am so envious! Roll on the holidays.

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