Skinflint Sunday: I’ll NOT go shopping!

I seriously want to stay away from the supermarket for the next week. Well, I’ll have to go to the fruit shop for ingredients for Wednesday night’s demo, but apart from that I’m staying away. We’re going to use up what’s in the house!

To that end I’ve just popped a carrot slice into the oven. Here’s the link. It has a few ingredients that I don’t own, so I just substituted with what I do have. So instead of sultanas, I have currants left over from the brown rice salad I made for Christmas dinner. Any coconut oil I have gets used for soap making, not for eating, so I just used plain old vegetable oil. And as for rapadura sugar at $6 a kilo…. forget it! I used white sugar. The batter tasted lovely and the boys should love it, especially Tom20 who’s addicted to carrots.
Last night I cooked a recipe from the same website. It’s turned a bit chilly down in Melbourne, so I wanted to make a beef casserole. This one has herby scones on the top. I’ve never made a casserole with dumplings or scones before so i was curious to see how it would be received. This recipe also has a link to a recipe for umami paste, which I admit I’ve never heard of (and so didn’t include in my casserole, substituting soy sauce instead) but it sounds intriguing. I might lash out and make some in the holidays and report back.

The kids loved the casserole, except that David18 didn’t eat the “bread” because he thought it was weird. The chooks loved it though.

I poached a couple of eggs in the thermomix for breakfast yesterday. Fortunately, I was cracking them into individual silicon cups, because when i started cracking them I found that Pudgy’s eggs had some blood in them. Yuck! Imagine if I’d just blithely cracked them into a cake batter or something? I’d have to throw the whole thing out. As it was, I just selected all of her eggs and started cracking them, one by one. After 4 of them it seems that her problem righted itself and the last couple of eggs were fine. (And delicious poached on toast.) But waste not want not!
The cats, and then the dogs, thought they were just fine.
Tonight’s menu is roast chicken with roast potato and pumpkin (left over from a delivery where I made pumpkin soup.) Evan15 hates roast chicken so we’ll have it a couple of times while he’s away. I’ll save the bones for chicken stock to make soup. I’ll welcome him home with it!

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7 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: I’ll NOT go shopping!

  1. “Meat” spots on eggs don’t mean there’s anything wrong with the egg, it’s just the erk factor. You can remove it with the tip of a knife or similar. You’ll come across them a bit more in home grown eggs because supermarket eggs are scanned for imperfections prior to packaging. It’s just a coding error on the part of your chook, caused by the rupture of a blood vessel when the yolk is being developed. Perfectly safe for cooking and eating. Best not to let the kids see, though. šŸ™‚

  2. Frogdancer says:

    These had a LOT of blood. It looked like someone had been murdered in there.

  3. Lots of blood is too much erk. Glad Pudgy’s problem has righted itself. Glad you’re in Melbourne instead of Sydney or I’d be tempted to buy an appliance I can’t afford. lol

  4. M says:

    Love the look of the dumplings on the casserole. I wonder if they would work out gluten free?

  5. river says:

    I’ve been having beef casserole thoughts myself lately, I like it with mashed potato.

  6. kris says:

    I have made a similar beef casserole with herb and cheese dumplings this week. My boys just loved it. My husband wasn’t keen and thought dumplings would be gross and stodgy (childhood experience?) but it was lovely and the dumplings were light and fluffy. The boys have put in a request for another! I cooked lentil soup last night. The weather was just right for soup!

  7. Urspo says:

    I would have all my groceries delivered if I could, as supermarkets drive me to distraction.

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