Gardening time.


Yesterday I made spearmint soap. Today I cut it into bars and left it on a table in the hallway to start curing. The house smells delicious.


Last month I ordered some garlic from Green Harvest. It didn’t arrive and I forgot all about it, so yesterday I planted some garlic I had in the cupboard. This morning as I was wandering towards the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, I saw a small package on the bookshelf.
I have no idea when it arrived and how long the garlic’s been sitting there. I DO know that now there’s going to be a LOT of garlic planted around here.


Last weekend I bought a miniature pear tree to plant in the chook coop. May as well make the most of all that free fertiliser. Maybe I should’ve remembered to water it?


My beetroot and parsley (for demos) are growing beautifully.


I have two wicking pots on the front porch. The lemon balm absolutely loves it here. I brought home a few sprigs of lemon balm from foodnstuff’s place last year and it’s never looked back.


I also put some watercress in a wicking pot. I thought it’d be a good idea and it would’ve been… except for the cabbage moths. Who would think that they’d love watercress so much? Now, finally, the moths have left the plant alone so it can grow. Cheese and watercress bread rolls are really delicious.

Independence Days Challenge.
1. Plant something: spring onion ends; repotted rosemary, tansy and marjoram cuttings; planted seeds of radish, beetroot, turnip, red onions and a whole wicking bed of peas.

2. Harvest: eggs, basil,tomatoes

3.Preserve: dried Lemon verbena; dried lime verbena (OMG!!!!! SO much nicer than lemon verbena. I’m in love!); dried rosemary

4.Waste Not: 1/2 onion left over from demo in Monday night’s oat cakes; the usual veggie scraps to chooks and worms etc.

5. Want Not: sold another thermomix; saved basil and bean seeds; made soap; used our own veggies in demos

6. Eat: frozen zucchini; thyme, eggs,(253 eggs since the beginning of the year); frozen silver beet

7. Skill up/Build Community: made laundry powder.

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3 Responses to Gardening time.

  1. river says:

    I hope that poor pear tree is now planted and recovering. It will probably lose the leaves, but that would happen with autumn anyway.
    I noticed in the supermarket this morning that the garlic was labelled “australian” so I bought three bulbs instead of two, so I can separate the cloves and plant the third bulb.

  2. Urspo says:

    You put Martha Stewart to shame.

  3. Liz says:

    That soap looks fabulous. I bought a pomegranate recently that I suspect I forgot to water it but then they are deciduous so now I’m not sure if I’ve killed it or its hibernating…might need to wait for spring to find out.

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