Skinflint Sunday: harvesting food.


I cleared out the wicking bed under the boys’ bedroom window yesterday. I left some self-sown tomatoes that still had fruit, a chilli and a couple of capsicum plants, some parsnips, beetroot and garlic, a strand of the trombone zucchini that had a baby zucc on it and some carrots. Everything else I chopped up into little bits and lay on the garden bed to add some much needed organic matter to the soil.
I saved some chillies. Mine are the little scrawny looking ones, pictured with a chilli that Tom20 brought back from his father’s shop to show me. Huge monster of a thing, isn’t it?


I pulled up a few carrots, intending to roast them as part of David18 and my dinner. However, as usual when I get started on a project, I lost track of time so I ended up making my usual meal-to-make-instead-of-getting-takeaway – tuna mornay in the thermomix, so I’ll have to use the carrots in something tonight once the boys are back from Easter at Nonna’s.

Speaking of the thermomix…. ***WARNING!!!THERMOMIX ALERT!!!***

Breakfast this morning. Poached eggs in the thermomix.
It’s so easy. You slow cook them at 60C for 43 minutes (I used the time to go out and fertilise the food crops) and then you empty the eggs one at a time into a small bowl. You do this because some of the egg white is still quite runny, which to be honest was slightly disconcerting. But then you drain it off, pop the egg on some toast and OMG!! The gooiest, tastiest poached egg you’re ever likely to eat. The link also has a recipe for hollandaise sauce but I didn’t make it.

There’s no mess. You cook them in the shell; the thermomix is only using plain water so all you have to do is tip the jug upside down to drain it; the bowl is the only thing that needs rinsing and there’s no saucepan with cooked on strands of egg white to clean. You just have to be organised and start cooking them way before you want to eat.
I’ll definitely be making these again.

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3 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: harvesting food.

  1. Liz says:

    I prefer your chillies – they usually are much hotter than the fatter ones.

  2. river says:

    The fat chilli looks like a undersized capsicum. I bet yours are tastier.
    The carrots look great!

  3. libby says:

    love reading about your thermomix! and the different colours of the carrots are wonderful, the purple ones I am led to believe are actually original carrot colour!

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