Chocolate-coconut slice


Three of the boys have been away at their Dad’s for Easter and I know they’ll be back some time today. Feeling vaguely hospitable, I thought I’d make them something to nibble on once they walked through the door.
What follows is a basic chocolate slice, but I’ve made it in the thermomix, mainly to save time on washing up.

ingredients for slice
125g butter
160g brown sugar
160g self raising flour
10g(or 2 tbsp) cocoa
60g coconut
1 egg

ingredients for icing:
130g sugar (if using thermomix) or 130g icing sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
2 tsp softened butter
1½ tbsp milk

Firstly, if using thermomix, mill the sugar for the icing for 10 seconds on speed 10, then set aside.

Melt butter in thermomix at 100C speed soft for 3 minutes.
Stir through the sugar at speed 4 for 10 seconds and then add the egg. Mix at speed 5 for 5 seconds until egg is combined.
Stir through cocoa,flour and coconut at speed 5 for 10 seconds until combined.

Spread in a slice tin and cook 15-20 mins at 180°C.

Ice while still hot by mixing all the icing ingredients together in a bowl (don’t forget your milled sugar!) and then spread on top of the warm slice.
Sprinkle with coconut or whatever else takes your fancy.

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3 Responses to Chocolate-coconut slice

  1. river says:

    Now that looks quick and easy, I might make this next time I’m taking a plate of goodies to work.

  2. Scott says:

    You mean – the Thermomix doesn’t cook it and ice it too??

  3. Laura says:

    For us Americans, would you post pictures of the Thermomix? and its attachments (if any)? We don’t have anything like it here, that I can tell from the name anyway.

    Love your blog.

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