Goals and the argh! factor.

I said that I wouldn’t write here until I did all my correction. I’m lucky enough to have periods 5 and 6 off on Mondays so I sat down and ploughed through it all. The parents at Parent/Teacher night tomorrow will be happy. (Well… some of them will… There were a few essays that didn’t pass.)

Why do things not go to plan sometimes? This month I set a goal to have 10 demonstrations for the thermomix. I knew I had holidays so I could do some during the day when I had more time, though Easter and Anzac Day steals some time. Still, I wanted to do it. It’s a step in a program the company has for consultants and to my mind it’s one of the hardest, so I thought it’d be good to get it out of the way early.

I had my 10 demos booked. As of yesterday I had 5 under my belt. Things were looking sweet….

Then at recess the phone rang. One of my demos has postponed till next month. (I know… it could be worse… she could’ve cancelled. I should stop whingeing…) Still, I can’t help but heave a heavy sigh or two. The last 3 demos I have are on the last 3 days of the month, so I’m getting a tad nervous about any more people dropping out. I really want to make this goal. I have too many chickens to support.

Ok, that last bit was a joke. Still, I think all of us know the feeling when you think that you’ve got everything covered and you’re doing all you can to bring a goal to fruition and then something puts it in doubt. Next what’ll happen is my desk will catch alight and all my corrections will be gone.

After writing that, maybe I should go and knock on wood.

And now I’ve got that song in my head. Things are looking up already.



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4 Responses to Goals and the argh! factor.

  1. Ellen says:

    I am sure you’ll get there – it’s only the 16th. Do you have a local cookware shop that you could advertise demos – or maybe they would like to book a demo in store (are you allowed to do that?) – just a thought.

    Hope the new girls settle in well. We got two new girls three weeks ago – the fluffy kind, not ex-batts this time – and they are just beginning to cruise around with the other girls. Mind you, the old girls soon let them know if they have stepped out of line.

  2. Liz says:

    I used to work in recruitment supplying temporary workers to businesses – I can’t tell you how many arrrrggghhh moments I had in that job. People are unreliable, more often than you’d expect in my experience, as a result it always pays to have a back up plan.

  3. river says:

    what’s this? You don’t have a fireproof desk? Tsk Tsk.

    I like Ellen’s in store demo idea, although I think you have to actually be a company rep for that, but maybe you could book a demo at a church hall for the bingo crowd? Or something?

  4. L says:

    Why are you worried about this goal? It seems like you are wasting brain-space stressing about it, when really it’s just the company putting pressure on you (probably for their own benefit, not yours).

    You are primarily a great teacher and mother and I get the impression that you are doing the Thermomix thing in your spare time because you believe in the product and you’d like to make a bit of extra money. Seems a bit strange to me that you’d let it cause you grief.

    I know it’s good to have goals, but still…

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