I made pesto!!!


The 20 basil plants (or thereabouts) I planted last Spring have mostly been pulled up. A couple of weeks ago I sat in the sun on the back porch and pulled the leaves off and ended up with a great big bowl of beautifully smelling leaves. (I love the smell of basil.) Then, me being me, the bowl sat in the fridge for a couple of days while I worked up the courage to make pesto.
We’ve never had pesto on pasta; we just put it on our homemade pizzas. So far, pesto comes in jars from Aldi. So this was all a bit new. I used a recipe from the Everyday Cookbook that comes with the thermomix.
I’ve got no idea why I waited to make it… it took well under a minute to make. Not scary at all.


I froze it in icecube trays, then popped them out into a big plastic bag. I can have pesto any time I want now.


And after having it on pasta when I was scraping out the thermomix bowl, this will definitely be my lunch of choice when I’m home!

(ps: I’ve got my 10 demos for the month booked. Apologies for the sooki la-la post a little while ago. Made a few phone calls and as a result I also have 7 demos already booked for May! The last 3 days of April have my last 3 demos for the month so I’m pushing it down to the line, so I hope no one postpones. But it’s a satisfying feeling to set a goal and then pull out all the stops to reach it.)

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5 Responses to I made pesto!!!

  1. Liz says:

    We have pasta with pesto about once a week in summer. I haven’t frozen any yet though – must get onto that.

  2. We love pesto, but don’t make it often and don’t like it out of the jar. I don’t have a garden, but I’m sure the thermomix will cope with bought basil. lol

  3. M says:

    Great idea, the frozen pesto. Yum.

  4. Jane says:

    You weren’t sooki at all Frogdancer. It’s good to strive & have ambition, it keeps us interested in life.

  5. river says:


    But Yay! you made pesto!

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