A really good deal. Seriously.

Well, I hit my goal of having 10 demos for the month. Did the tenth one last night. Not a lot of time for blogging…

Sadly, the second-last demo only had one new person, so it doesn’t count ‘officially’. Still, I’m really pleased because now I know I can do it.

Pretty excited about the business because this month the company is offering 12 months interest free terms, which works out to $39.77/week. This makes buying the thermomix or hosting a demo very attractive to a lot of people. It’s only halfway through May 1 and I’ve already sold my first one due to this offer. It’s to one of my oldest friends, who only saw the machine in action for the first time last night.

I love it when my friends join me!

In other news my 10 chooks haven’t laid an egg in a week. I’m starting to wonder if a crow or something is strolling into the cop and making off with the eggs. There wasn’t that many eggs being laid lately, but NO egs for days on end…. days without number…. stretching out into infinity…..? There’s something screwy going on.

Nearly bell time. I have to go and educate the young shortly, so I’d better go and get in the Zone.

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11 Responses to A really good deal. Seriously.

  1. Kate says:

    Congrats on making your 10 demos now if you can just keep up the pace you’ll have that morty gone in no time hey!

    Don’t know a lot about keeping chooks but has the intro of the new girlies perhaps put everyone out of sorts and they are on strike?

    Sorry you haven’t had time for blogging, have missed your “reports” and inspiration.

    But hey “making the money” must come first.

    We are just about to start on our second winter planting. I was going to pull out the green bean plants but they keep on setting fruit. I don’t know what variety they were, they were just a punnet I got from Bunnings but they have been prolific. I have kept seed so I hope they will germinate next year. Where do you get your cotton for the dishcloths? I tried spotlight last night but was only able to get a bamboo blend in 8 ply but it seems to be knitting up okay. The proof will come when it gets put to work.

    Cheers to you.


  2. Frogdancer says:

    I tried to sow seed from Bunnings green beans that were fabulous last year but they didn’t do well at all this year…. hybrids!

    I got some of my bamboo yarn from Spotlight and some from ‘Sunspun’ in Camberwell. The Spotlight yarn is definitely more utilitarian!

  3. river says:

    Would the cooler weather have anything to do with the lack of egg laying? I know nothing about these things, all I know is my mum had so many chooks some were always laying when others weren’t.

  4. M says:

    10 demos a month is huge! well done on getting to your goal.

  5. persiflage says:

    You never stop. You are so impressive.
    As to chooks’ laying practices, this is part of the great mystery of life.
    In the olden days I could have done with a thermomix, but my oven has been bung for the past year, and I am waiting for its replacement. Then I can make Anzac biscuits with the grandchildren.

  6. Beet says:

    Chooks will go off the lay for a bit once or twice a year – are their feathers looking a bit motley as well?

    Yay on the thermomix sale!

  7. Laura @ Seattle says:

    I’d really like to see a picture of the thermomix. Perhaps you could post a demo? My son now lives in Melbourne and his wedding is in December so…I’m interested.

  8. Bev says:

    Congrats on the Thermie effort!

    If you can’t get an egg out of 10 chooks, I don’t feel so bad about not getting any out of my 3.

    (PS fresh parsnip seed will be in the post for you tomorrow)

  9. Katrina says:

    If your chooks are moulting they wont lay….also if it’s really cold and they can’t keep warm enough they wont lay…I do recall the fella where we used to live would heat the mash up when the weather was cold to keep his chooks laying

  10. Tracy says:

    My chooks are not laying either. No matter what I feed them or even threaten them, they just will not lay at the moment. Moulting is the culprit here.
    Congratulations on achieving your goal for the month.

  11. Ellen says:

    Great news that you hit your demos target, what a big achievement.

    As for the no-egg problem, we have had that too. We found that the girlies had started to eat their own eggs and shells – yuck! Eventually we put a rubber egg in the nesting box to bamboozle them – ha! – and remove eggs a.s.a.p. Protein in their diet is said to encourage laying and our love left over cheese.

    Last week the two 22 week-old girls started laying their first very small eggs 🙂 I was tickled pink when I fried the first two eggs only to discover that one of these tiny eggs was a double-yoker! That’s my girl.

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