Anyone else find May a little busy?

File photo: Exams (ABC TV)

 Kids getting ready for exams.
Teachers writing said exams.
Teachers writing reports.
The thermomix thing is going gangbusters. Never home. Boys are learning that school shirts don’t wash themselves and that housework can be done by ANYONE. (This is an unexpected bonus of the business.)
Delivered two on the weekend to two sisters. We set them up side by side on the bench and made bread in one and pumpkin soup in the other. Normally I just get the customer to make the soup but with two there…. why not make a decent lunch?
Delivered one last night to one of my best friends, who is also the Mum of one of David18’s best friends. She was at my first ever demo, but waited till now to buy one. The 12 months interest free deal tipped her over the edge. She’s doing law at uni and she’s looking forward to a lot of her time in the kitchen being freed up.
Delivered one the day before to a lovely woman who has an onion allergy. She’s so rapt with how her life will be so much easier now. When you think about it, onions are in everything!
Delivering one tonight to a lady who was given one as a Mothers Day present by her family. “I don’t really want it, ” she said to me over the phone. “My friends all have them and I said just one thing to my husband and now I have to learn to cook with this.” I was equal parts aghast and amused. Talk about your first world problems!
Agreed to cook at the thermomix stall at the Food and Wine show next Friday. I’ll be there after work. Come and say hello!
Chooks have all settled in. One egg laid the day before yesterday. The drought has broken!
Still bringing in tomatoes, chillies and lots of silver beet from the garden. I’m going to be resting the in-ground garden beds this winter, so at some stage all the peas straw that’s in the garage, along with the bags of manure, will be piled on the beds and then I’ll leave them till spring. The wicking beds are still going strong though. Turnips, anyone? How about a nice radish?
Tom20 bought an organ. It’s now in the garage. The boys love it.  (I typed that and then realised how ambiguous that sounds. I’m talking about a musical instrument here…)
David18 is finding that year 12 can be stressful if you let work pile up.
Ryan17 has a chilblain on his finger and he isn’t very pleased about it. Too much gaming, not enough exercise.
Evan15 made gingerbread again. He’s absolutely nailed that recipe. I’m hoping that one day he’ll move on and make something else…. like dinner.
Picked up another tutoring job…. that mortgage should be trembling in its boots…
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10 Responses to Anyone else find May a little busy?

  1. Jenb says:

    Just don’t forget to leave time for us! (I’m glad it is going so well though).

  2. Jan says:

    Glad to hear of the fresh egg. I buy organic eggs with my fruit and vege box and they are amazingly good and fresh, but nothing beats one straight from the chook. I grew up next to a poultry farm and we used to buy organic eggs from there which we knew were laid that morning. I’d love space to grow my veges, but now live in an apartment .

    On special occasions like Easter or birthdays Mum would bake a chook. Down to poultry farm and Mr R would take his crook and go in to the yards and catch a likely looking meal. He’d kill and clean it for us. Very fresh. Also milk and cream from teh two cows he kept. All on what is now just a suburb of Sydney.

    I will say that writing and marking exams and doing reports are not at all missed by me now!

  3. Laura @ Seattle says:

    I don’t know how you do it all! I’m impressed. My grandson loves chooks. The coyotes got his 3 so now he’s daddy to 2 chicks. They sure look funny.

  4. Laura @ Seattle says:

    Also, is that a picture of your class? or an AU high school class? It is sooo different from American high schools, the wood floors and the uniforms to mention a couple.

  5. Frogdancer says:

    It’s a stock photo of a secondary school exam that everyone uses. The funny thing is that it’s actually our school!

  6. Bev says:

    I can’t believe you’re only one person! Tutoring as well! (choke).

    I’m still not getting eggs. Have a feeling there won’t be any now till spring.

  7. Scott says:

    I know what you mean about being busy. Yesterday half of my pot of tea got cold because I was on the telephone. THEN I was almost late for my massage.

  8. Liz says:

    Ridiculously busy. I’ve been doing a bit of paid work, in addition to the normal unpaid stuff like looking after the kids, house, garden etc what with that, going to the gym and attempting to occasionally do something like go out for a drink its just silly…..hmmm I think I too have first world problems. Glad your raking the money in though.

  9. river says:

    I hope you’ve scheduled some time for breathing and sleeping. Hooray for the mortgage busting!

  10. Barbara Good says:

    Lordy, what a month. Mine started busy – all kids birthdays, running training etc – but has settled down now. Just a little bit of emergency teaching and some days to myself while the girls are at childcare but when the phone didn’t ring that morning telling me to get my butt to school. I’m enjoying it while I can, as of mid July I’ll be proper teaching again – argh reports I don’t want to think about writing them again.

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