Similes and metaphors

Year 8 English, teaching the difference between similes and metaphors.

I was using Huddo, one of the popular boys in the class, as an example.

“If you going to describe Huddo using a simile, you might say that he was as brave as a lion for putting up with all your jokes about him.”

Huddo nodded nobly as the class tittered.

“But if you wanted to make the image stronger and turn it into a metaphor, you could take out the ‘as ‘ and just say that Huddo is a lion.”

Little Peter piped up in the front row, “So that means we can hunt him.”

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4 Responses to Similes and metaphors

  1. Urspo says:

    Life is Truth, struggling to become a Metaphor.

  2. persiflage says:

    Ah, not just language, but logic and inferences too

  3. Annie says:

    You go little Pete!

  4. Liz says:

    I do enjoy your tales from class – very entertaining.

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