Year 9 exam bloopers.

* She was very sweat and understanding of our problems.

*It might even be a little bit creepy if you saw a loin staring at you at night.

*It was the beginning of Summer. It was New Year’s Day.

*I went outside to think. My brian hurt.

And my personal favourite:

* What would you do if someone threatened you with a knife or a mob of teens?

One class down, two more to go! Who knows what gems await me?

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3 Responses to Year 9 exam bloopers.

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi – that wasn’t too painful. I see you have managed to save your blog archive, that must have been a relief. Good luck with WordPress, happy blogging.

  2. Kath Lockett says:

    Staring loins are indeed rather terrifying!

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