Boys’ bedroom wicking bed in winter.

Evan15’s borrowed my camera and done something to the settings. I can’t ask him what he’s done till he gets back from his Dad’s so here are some murky shots of the wicking bed under the boys’ bedroom window.
Even though it’s the middle of winter this bed is still remarkably productive.
Here’s a clump of cos lettuce that came up all by itself. All the cos lettuce I planted (and saved seed from) was in another wicking bed entirely, so who knows what happened? Still, I’m already harvesting some leaves on the days I take a home-made bread roll and some cheese and lettuce to work for lunch.


These are two celery plants that I grew from seed. All summer long they were hiding behind the trombone zucchini and they hardly grew an inch. Now they’ve taken off. I’ll be making lots of veggie stock paste and chlorophyll paste from these babies!


ALL the capsicum plants I planted grew those stupid long capsicums, except one. This is the lone capsicum. It’s trying its hardest to turn red. It might actually make it… the plant is halfway under the eaves of the house so it might get some protection from frosts…? Anyway, I’m keeping an eye on it and we’ll see what happens.


Even though I’m not all that fond of the long skinny capsicums, these have come in handy for the last couple of nights for casseroles and pizzas.


One chilli left. These chillies weren’t very hot at all, so I’ll let the plant overwinter, but if frosts kill it I won’t be too unhappy.


foodnstuff’s parsnips that I planted last year are still going strong.


Mick’s carrots are still there too. So are a little patch of baby ones further along in the same bed.


And finally, right up at the other end of the bed are the Nonna’s Garlic plants. The kids’ Nonna gave me some to plant last year. I planted them but thought they all rotted away, but then they popped back up. Gardening’s full of surprises!

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8 Responses to Boys’ bedroom wicking bed in winter.

  1. I just love your food plants, gawd they are so healthy and inspirational!
    I’ve had garlic come up several years in a row from the same bulbs, I leave the bulbs and just harvest the green stalks, chop and freeze them – they’re good for pizzas, casseroles, stews, bakes, etc, nice garlic flavour, not too strong.

  2. Urspo says:

    welcome to wordpress !

  3. unikorna says:

    So impressing, my peppers and tomatoes are barely in bloom :(. Lovely garden 🙂

  4. scottsabode says:

    Photos: Looks like he’s changed the ISO settings…ramp it down a bit to say, 200.
    Hope you’re enjoying WordPress! In your Dashboard under ‘Settings’, ‘General Settings’, change your tagline from “Just another WordPress blog”.
    PS I’m going to Russia! (well, in November).

  5. scottsabode says:

    PS Tagline – perhaps something like “Smiling in the suburbs”…

  6. scottsabode says:

    You also need to change your Comment Moderation rules under Dashboard/Settings/Discussion.

  7. Liz says:

    My overwintered chillies were definitely hotter the second year – no idea why. I’m loving my lettuce at the moment too.

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