A woman of my word.


This photo has nothing to do with this post. I just like it. Monday’s public holiday was spent with me doing a massive Aldi shop, then racing around doing various little errands while the boys lolled around. Naturally, I drove into my street to see Mum and Dad’s car parked outside the house. Great! When I left the kitchen was a disgrace…. I had zero expectations that the boys would’ve done something about it.

When I got home everyone was in the kitchen talking, with Evan15 quietly unstacking, then stacking the dishwasher and then wiping down the benches. We could finally see the bowls of fruit!! Having a large island bench can be wonderful, especially if you have a quilt to baste, but it can also be a clutter trap. Be warned.

After they went home, I decided to make some cheese scrolls for the boys’ lunches the next day. Strange how your life changes. Never before the thermomix have I thought,
“I feel like making bread,” and an hour later there’s bread. To my shame, I’ve never made scrolls before, even though at every demo I demonstrate how easy it is. Well… I may be a somewhat neglectful mother of my boys’ scroll desires, but I’m NOT a liar! These were incredibly easy.


My normal bread dough, with milled linseed, wheat and buckwheat in it. (Notice the oh-so-subtle product placement? If ‘Survivor’ can do it, why not me?)
Just roll it out on the bread mat to be about the size of an A4 piece of paper and sprinkle with your filling. This was a quick and easy one with just grated tasty cheese and parsley, though next time Evan15 wants to try sundried tomatoes as well. Pesto would be a great filling, as would cheese and ham or cheese and vegemite. Garlic butter for a side when you’re eating a pasta meal… the possibilities stretch on and on.

Then you roll it up.

I got 13 scrolls out of this dough, though the end ones were mainly just dough, so I ate those. Next time I’ll pay more attention to the ends to make sure they get more filling. I read a new-to-me blog this morning where she says that she cuts the roll in half, then quarters, then cuts the rest to size and it stops them squishing down like mine did. I just started at one end and worked my way down the line. Still, I know for next time!

Before they were popped in the oven… 200C for 30 mins.


By the time I got my camera these were the only ones left. As I snapped the photo I just missed Evan15’s hand sneaking in to pinch another one. So much for them being eaten at school on Tuesday!
The good part was that I was planning a roast for dinner, so I just pushed the cooking of it back by a half hour or so. I was able to get a bit more done in the garden and the boys weren’t whingeing like their throats were cut. Amazing how they can polish off 11 scrolls and still eat a full roast beef dinner with all the trimmings a couple of hours later.
Today is the day I get the last of my reports done and handed in. Phew! Now it’s a slow coast down towards the holidays. Two and a half weeks to go before we have those two weeks of sweet sweet freedom.
(Though I’ve already mulched and fertilised the asparagus bed for Spring. Feeling quite Caroline Ingalls about that. OH! Remember the worm farm my Dad made for me from the freezer that died? I hadn’t checked the bucket under it for ages…. it was so full it practically had a meniscus on the top. Fertilised nearly the whole garden, trees and all, for FREE!!!! How I love worm wee! Sunday was a good day for the garden.)

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5 Responses to A woman of my word.

  1. avital says:

    Do they have Thermomixers in Canada? I have never heard of such a thing before you started blogging about them, and I still don’t really understand what it does or how it works. But you sure seem to make tasty things in it!

  2. Frogdancer says:

    Yes, they’re in Canada. Apparently the Canadian people are working quiet closely with the Aussies…. makes sense because we have a lot in common.

  3. wilbursmum says:

    You’ve just inspired me to make these for Master 3’s lunch box… off to the supermarket now to buy wheat!! Thank you!!

  4. scottsabode says:

    Those cheese scrolls look good! Worm wee is even better though.

  5. foodnstuff says:

    Us Thermomix owners would like more info. Did you use the basic bread recipe and add the extras? How much extras? Any extra water to cope with the extra solids? Did you let the rolls rise before you baked them? Hot oven? Cold oven?
    Guess I’ll just have to give it a try. I have sun-dried cherry tomatoes…should be nice.

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