Grammar test bloopers

Year 9 Grammar test. Both my mainstream kids and my ESL kids sat it today. (The mainstream kids made more mistakes…. most of these are from them.)

*The answer should’ve been ‘generalisations’. We even put the first and last letter there to make it easier. The answer I got was “ Be wary of making gesticulations based on too little evidence.”

*Correct spelling of ‘audacity’ is apparently ‘awwdasity’. (I wish it was!)

*Correct answer is “connotations”… what I got was “Some words have positive or negative contraceptions.

*The correct answer was ‘assumption’. Two of the answers I got were…” An australian is something we take for granted.”

…” An accusation is something we take for granted.”

*Correct answer? Patriotism. But apparently…”Plagiarism can unite a nation or cause violence.”

*”Sagacity” means either “a city that is sagging” or “the act of sagasion.” (That last one was from an ESL student, who was clearly trying to apply the rules of logic to the English language. Poor thing.)

*”Omniscient” means “something that smells.”

I sat down in my spare period to correct these, expecting to be bored to death. They were (unfortunately) very entertaining to mark. However, I think I have some REteaching to do…


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2 Responses to Grammar test bloopers

  1. Jayne says:

    Thanks for the giggle 😉

  2. Liz says:

    I can think of some people who think they are omniscient that are a little on the nose, so perhaps that one is correct…

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