Should I go to Honkers?

Well! I found out last night that I have the chance to go on an all expenses paid trip to Hong Kong next year…

It’s to do with the thermomix thing, of course. Every year the Australian company offers an overseas trip to people who meet sales targets the company sets. They have a target for singles and a target for those who want to bring their partners as well. (At last a reason to be glad I’m alone and unlikeable!!! It makes this challenge a bit easier!!)

When I first heard about this holiday giveaway I was pretty uninterested. I don’t want to take a week away from work, unpaid, while I’m saving like mad to get rid of the mortgage. But then my sister signed up to become a consultant…. it would be very fun to go away for a week with her. Ever since they moved down to the Peninsula we hardly see each other. I also have long service leave building up…. I want to use it for the UK and Europe in 2015 (*waves to Scott*) but if I’m out of debt by then I could afford to take some time off on half pay. Besides, I love to travel and I haven’t done much at all. Bali, Phuket and Singapore. That’s it. My own sons have been further afield than I have. (Well, two of them anyway, when they went to the US last year.)

So I’m thinking about it. Getting a little excited by the prospect, in fact. The company pays for airfares, accommodation and most meals, along with some tours and things. Given that I’m not much of a shopper at the best of times, this could be the cheapest overseas holiday I’m ever likely to have. In fact, the more I think about it it’d probably be a sin against all the Gods of Frugality if I didn’t go.

So I’m thinking about it….

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10 Responses to Should I go to Honkers?

  1. Urspo says:

    the fried wontons are worth the trip in themselves.

  2. Jayne says:

    Let your hair down (when it’snot shaved) and go.

  3. Joh says:

    In a word, YES! :).

  4. scottsabode says:

    ::Waves back!::
    Sounds like fun – I have only ever been in the airport in transit. The airport’s nice…

  5. Liz says:

    I like Hong Kong, great food, fun sights and generally great atmosphere. I think definitely go, it certainly isn’t just about shopping (except perhaps food shopping…..)

  6. Barbara Good says:

    I loved Hong Kong, especially the food. Though I imagine I would have loved it even more if I hadn’t been three months pregnant with terrible morning sickness that hung around all day. And I did almost no shopping at all. Go for it I say.

  7. Ellen says:

    You’ve worked so hard you D E S E R V E ! this trip and it sounds really exciting. What targets do you need to meet to win it?

  8. Jenb says:

    Go Go Go!

  9. Deborah says:

    Atmosphere, friendly locals and, of course, the food! We had planned to ‘stopover’ briefly but chose to stay for a week. In a perfect world I would return for a few days every quarter. I just love it there & you will too. Are you convinced yet?

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