*happy sigh* Holidays!

dating fails - Dating Fails: Buffy Taught Us a Lot About What Makes a Strong Woman Apparently

And THIS is why I think Buffy this the best tv show EVER.

Whoever invented holidays was a good bloke. I’d like to shake his hand. Heartily. Now I have two weeks where I can draw breath, watch an episode of Dr Phil and just generally get my house and garden to rights. Might even skype a friend and catch up on the goss. I was thinking maybe we’d go away and I might still take the boys to Inverloch for a couple of days if I can squeeze it in…. but then again it’s brass monkeys down there at this time of year so that probably won’t happen.

Remember me writing about Evan15’s Hapsburg jaw and about how he’s going to need some fairly extensive dental and surgical work to avoid looking like a troll who lives under a bridge in his later years? Well, the time has come! The whole reason I was propelled into doing the thermomix business is that I knew this expense was coming up. I’ve been putting aside every penny I’ve been earning from it, firstly to pay the extra taxes I’m going to incur, then to pay the excess on the dental payments for my boy. Now that I have a goodly gob of gold stashed away, I sent him to have a checkup at the orthodontist.

Evan15 was outraged when he got back to school and handed me the bill.

“He grabbed my lower lip, pulled it down, stared for two seconds at my teeth and said, ‘Yes, you’re good to go.’ Then he handed me a bill for $45. $45 for that??!!?” he spluttered.

I grimly thought that this bill was going to look like Christian charity by the time we’re finished with this whole procedure. I smiled sweetly at him and said, “Study hard. Become a dentist.”

Tomorrow I have a demo for a family where (collectively) they’re gluten free, dairy free, egg free, wheat free, sugar free, animal product free, preservative and colour free. They have two cancer patients and a little boy with autism, while the rest of the family is just watching their weight. They’re going to LOVE the thermomix, but it certainly makes it an interesting challenge to come up with variations for the traditional demo dishes that most of the people can eat!

I’ve made my first gluten-free bread to take. Made two loaves and took one in to work and the “glutards” as my friend calls her coeliac husband wolfed it down and said it was fabulous. So I’m feeling good about that. I’m still going to make the normal bread, as some people at the demo can eat it and they’ll all smell that gorgeous warm bread aroma… but they’ll all be able to sample a coeliac-friendly bread as well and see how easy it is to make. (On a side note: I thought the gluten-free bread would be awful, but it was surprisingly tasty. And so good for you! It has chickpea, white and brown rice, millet and sago flours that you mill yourself, as well as eggs and other bits and bobs. Tastes great. I’m thinking I should start feeding the boys and I this bread instead.)

The custard for dessert was a bit of a worry, until I remembered that a customer I sold to recently has a daughter with a severe egg allergy. I contacted her and asked for the egg-free custard recipe she’s been making. She swears it tastes just like normal custard so I’ll whip up a batch tonight and if she’s right, (and why wouldn’t she be?), I’ll make that instead of the normal 2 egg custard for them.

Wish me luck tomorrow at 1PM!!

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5 Responses to *happy sigh* Holidays!

  1. Catherine says:

    Good luck with the demo. I’m sure you will be fine and they will love what you make. Enjoy your holidays. Two weeks of peace and quiet happening here – sleep ins, lots of reading and hopefully some sewing. By the way I know the pain of the dental/orthodontist bills. Got to wonder how they come up with their prices.

  2. Liz says:

    You have an orthodontist who only charges $45? Where? When? Who? I’ve never got out of a dentist surjery with a bill under $100 let alone under $50 for an orthodontist. I should point out that I’ve never had even a filling (since having entensive work done as a kid/teenager), so all they are doing is poking around and not finding anything for their $120 bucks. Yes I’d definitely encourage it as a career choice.

  3. scottsabode says:

    “Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, wheat free, sugar free, animal product free, preservative and colour free” – what’s left?
    Shall we Skype in Week 2 of the hols? I am about to spend most of next week in York and surrounds.

  4. Ellen says:

    I loved Evan’s reaction to the hefty fee for a cursory glance at his teeth! It’s great when you see your own children developing their own attitudes towards the value of things and waste. Good luck to him when he has the surgery.

    The Thermomix demo family sound quite a challenge. Quite frankly, I don’t know how you do it and hats off to you! I am sure it will all go splendidly and they will be wowed with the Thermomix and the menu you have lined up for them. The gluten free bread sounded interesting. I had always assumed that the gluten was somehow magically sucked out of the flour and made in the same way as normal bread – but apparantly not. I could happily live on fresh bread and unsalted butter for the rest of my days, but unfortunately bread does have a bloating effect on me, so I try not to eat it too often. But the GF bread sounds delicious and healthy, we’ll definitely be giving it a try.

    The demo family sounds enormous, so fingers crossed they will make more than 1 purchase.

  5. Jayne says:

    Mine was an almost $7,000 for braces to bring his lower jaw forward and to straighten the toothpegs over a 2- 3 year period.
    $45 is dirt cheap!!!
    Hope you post the gluten free recipes up here they sound yummy 🙂

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