Ode to Joy.

I started off my day watching this. It is so inspiring and lovely… I’m all energised! Well worth watching.

I’m feeling human again, so maybe what I had wasn’t actually the flu but was more like a virulent lurgy. Than again, David18 is on his third day of feeling awful. I had a flu shot a few weeks ago at work – he didn’t. Anyway, I’ve been pottering around for the last two days, taking it easy, watching Dr Phil (makes me feel so much better about my life!) and just getting my will to live back.


Yesterday I made soap. It’s been ages since I’ve made any and I was starting to think we might run out before any new soap was ready. This lot is lavender and oatmeal. Smells gorgeous! I also made some honey and beeswax soap but I’m not as happy with how it turned out. However, hidden under a teatowel with 6 weeks of curing…. it’ll probably be fine. If not, I can grate it all down, whack it in the slowcooker and give it another go.
I’d forgotten how much I like to make soap. Selecting the fragrance; debating about colour; will I add poppy seeds/oatmeal/petals? Then getting stuck into it. It’s very soothing.

It’s funny, but being sick and being forced to be as one with my bed and then couch has been very good. Not the being sick part of course, but the way the kids rallied around.

Evan15 cooked both nights I was too sick to even contemplate it. The first night he stuck to a tried and true recipe from the thermomix cookbook: Pasta with tuna. Delicious, easy and reliable. I was so grateful because he just went ahead and cooked for everyone without me having to ask. The next night I emerged, wraithlike, from my room at dinnertime and walked into the lounge room where he was on the computer.
“Do you want to go down and get some pizzas?” I whispered. (My throat hurt.)
“Hell no!” he said, turning around to face me. “I’ll make them instead!”
He looked up a pizza dough recipe, made it in the thermomix, allowed half an hour for the yeast to rise and then made our pizzas. It was fantastic! I couldn’t believe my luck.
By the following night I was feeling much better, so not wishing to push my aforementioned luck, I made the BEST SOUP EVER and life in the kitchen was back to normal.

The other kids looked after the chooks, kept the noise down and were generally pretty darned good.

I also rediscovered the joys of lolling around and reading a novel all day. Haven’t done that in ages.

Yesterday, as I was feeling better and my voice became more reliable, I started phoning some customers and a girl who decided to become a consultant after I did a demo at her place. She was so excited! She’d just done her first demo the night before and sold one machine and booked 3 more demos. It felt so great to be talking with someone who was so pleased and excited by the opportunity she has in her hands. She’s also aiming to come to Hong Kong next year and have some fun. It’s the best feeling to know that you’re onto something good and you decide to run with it. My sister’s also signed up and now I find I’m looking around for more people to join us. It’s made such a huge difference to our bank balance lives that I just want to share the ride! Still, I guess they’ll show up in their own good time.

AND big news: I’ve grabbed some Ravelry time, selected a pattern, some wool and I’ve cast on to make another cowl. When I put myself on the Yarn Diet, (meaning that I can’t buy any more yarn until I use up the piles of wool I’ve already got) I forgot to keep myself knitting. I’ve since discovered that if you don’t knit, then the wool piles don’t get any smaller. Hardly seems fair really. So I’ll start chipping away at it again. Cowls and fingerless gloves are the things I’m most fond of this winter, so a few more of each can only be a good thing.

Meanwhile, the day is sunny and bright and I’m inside at this keyboard. There’s something wrong with that scenario. I’m off to get things put to rights in this house and garden and get a bit of vitamin D!

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4 Responses to Ode to Joy.

  1. Cathy says:

    I have a similar lurgy that you had, I’m on day 2 of it, and I’m a bit tired and emotional – that brought tears to my eyes! Lovely.

  2. Liz says:

    Everyone in my house has had something…except me, must be all the gardening – good for the immune system.

  3. jan2132 says:

    That was indeed lovely. Thank you. I saw a similar flash mob doing the same piece in a shopping mall food court. It was well received but I loved the young children conducting nd smiling in this one..

  4. Best way to start a Monday morning – that flash mob made me tear up!

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