Something really nice happened here last night.

I’d been out to a thermomix branch meeting, (won the door prize again!!!) and it was around 10PM. I was sitting in the lounge room, knitting (of course) while Evan15 was on the computer. I’ve been offered another job and I’m going to a meeting today to find out if it would be worthwhile for me to seriously look at. It’d impact on the boys a bit, so I asked Evan15 what his thoughts were. He looked puzzled.

“What do you mean?”

‘You know… do you want me to do it? Are you not happy? I don’t know; just wanting to get your thoughts about the possibility,” I said.

“I think it’s great!” he said. “You’re getting out there and taking charge and doing your best to get out of debt. You know how most people just whinge and moan…. ‘ahhhh, I’m in debt and I hate it ….’ and they never do anything about it? YOU’RE  doing something about it.”

I was shocked. Very very pleased, but shocked at the same time. I guess on one level it makes sense when your kids have the same values as you, because you’re the one bringing them up. But still…. on another level it’s a surprise when they articulate it. 🙂

Rhonda wrote a very good post about this sort of thing today. Getting out of debt; being content with what you have and quietly looking after yourself and your family. Before I read it this morning, I woke up and I was lying in bed. I was warm and cosy, could hear light rain on the roof and it was the holidays.

‘It’s a good old life,’ I thought to myself.

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5 Responses to Contentment

  1. Catherine says:

    You must be doing something right for Evan to be able to tell you how he feels about it and for that matter be able to articulate it so well…and he’s right… many complain and grumble but don’t do anything to fix the situation that they caused in the first place. If it feels right and the boys are behind you go for it.

  2. foodnstuff says:

    He’s obvously a boy with his head screwed on the right way. Not surprising, since you’re his Mum!
    If the new job fits in with your already heavy schedule, go for it.

  3. Jayne says:

    I reckon someone’s done some good dragging up of that young chap 😉

  4. Barb. says:

    You’re doing a good job and it’s easy to tell that you are proud of your kids…I hope that you are proud of yourself as well.


  5. Urspo says:

    It’s a good old life indeed.

    Isn’t life beautiful?
    Isn’t life gay?
    Isn’t life the perfect thing
    to pass the time away?

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