Hideous grammar and teeth.

mobile phone texting autocorrect - Autocowrecks: Yeah On Second Thought I'm Busy Tonight

Not that I’m planning to date any of my students, but as of Monday I’ll be back dealing with their hideous grammar. In my classes Monday is always “Grammar Day.” I figure we may as well get the boring stuff out of the way early and then have the rest of the week for the fun stuff.

Yesterday was the first day that I truly felt better. Energy levels back to normal, the world looked shiny and new…. what a waste of the holidays!! I dropped poor little Molly off to the vet. On Thursday I took all of the animals for their yearly grease and oil change and the verdict was as follows:


Cats are fine… best teeth he’s seen for a long while.


Bertie: ears need drops because they’re yuck but otherwise he’s good.


Molly: slight heart murmur (she’s 10 1/2 so not totally unexpected but still a little bit of a surprise… it’s the first time she’s had one. Still, for a cavalier that’s not too bad) but her teeth were FERAL.


When I went to pick her up she had 29 teeth taken out. I didn’t even know dogs had that many to start with. Poor little girl. Can you imagine how sick she must’ve been feeling? She stuck really close to me all evening, except for the time that I made her go on her bed in the lounge room. I was watching tv and she was standing on the rug in front of me, looking at me. Her eyes were open, gazing at me, but her back legs were buckling. The spirit was willing but the flesh REALLY needed to recover from the anaesthetic.

This morning I had to give her an antibiotic pill. I didn’t want to force it down her neck, because her little mouth would be so sore. She was dancing around me, waiting for breakfast. I decided to just hand it to her and see what happened. If she spat it out then sterner methods would be needed. Nup! A cavalier would have to be at death’s door before he or she would stop eating. Down that pill went as though it was a lolly! Couldn’t be easier!

Today I’m travelling the countryside doing a demo in Rowville, a delivery in Donvale (wherever that is) and another delivery in Glen Iris on the way home. Yesterday I did a demo for one of my best friends, then we went shopping for whole grains to make bread with and then we went back to my place for herbs so she could make some vegetable stock paste and it was Fun. Tomorrow is HOUSECLEANING DAY. And then we’re back to reality.

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4 Responses to Hideous grammar and teeth.

  1. kris says:

    I feel like a Melbournian because I know where all three of those places are! (Been here 18 months. I’m sure you’d stump me with other places, but I feel indigenous!)

  2. Sarah says:

    My mom also has a pair of caveliers, and her first one (tragically killed a couple of years ago) was named Molly Jean.

    Love the pics!

  3. Urspo says:

    In my house, every day is grammar day ! However, on alternate Thursdays I may use double and triple negatives, as it was acceptable in Middle English.

  4. Ellen says:

    Poor little Molly! The pain and indignities a dog has to suffer. I wish there was a type of Doggy/Kitty Calpol on the market, so when you just know from the dark look and the curled-up-tight/just-leave-me-alone body language, that your pet is ‘out of sorts’ in a minor way, that you could give them something to make them feel better there and then. I think this is a gaping great hole in the veterinary market.
    Great that you are having such fun with the Thermomix business – it all sounds good.

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