Back at work.

Do you know what’s nice about coming back to work?

The people. When you walk in the school gate and the kids are saying, “Hi Miss.” “Morning Ms Frogdancer” and you smile at each other.

When you walk into your year 8 class and the kids ask, “Did you miss me? I missed YOU”, and you laugh and tell them that that’s the precise way to pass English with flying colours.

Seeing the people in the staff room and hearing about how their holidays went.

Walking past a group of kids on my way to class and hearing, “Hi Ms Frogdancer!!!” in Evan15’s voice and seeing him waving at me like a loon while his mates laugh.

Doing yard duty at the canteen in the second half of lunch (thankfully after the mayhem of the first half of lunch has passed) and watching the boys playing downball and chatting with different people and having a laugh.

Reading my free newspaper every day. Doing the sudoku puzzle in it.

Starting to teach one of my favourite novels (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time) to my year 9s and seeing some of them really get clued into it.

Gearing up for ‘The Truman Show’ with my year 10 ESLs. Love it.

Realising that this is a very pleasant way to earn a living.

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4 Responses to Back at work.

  1. Liz says:

    Yay! Lovely post!

  2. Liesel says:

    That is such a cool book. I loved it, my mum loved it, my then 11 y.o. eldest loved it.
    Hey… no pressure… but could you do a post on reading suggestions for boys? In a position of strength, there, what with your houseful of big lads and the professional inclinations. My boys are 3, 6, 10, 12 so mostly still into dragons and swords and spies with the occasional foray into bits of literature I put under their noses (recently Lord of the Flies – not sure that was a good idea – they are calling the youngest ‘Piggy’ to wind me up). Always looking for reading ideas for boys!

  3. Barbara Good says:

    I must say I love this post, having just walked in the gates again for the first time in over three years it’s a kind of strange feeling. I don’t get too many “Hi Miss”‘s yet as I’m mostly an unknown quantity – only the VCE kids know who I am. But I’ve loved being back in the staff room and I have two gorgeous classes – one year 8 and one year 10 – and one that I’m hoping will grow on me, another year 8. It’s all Geography this semester, so I think I will really start to miss the history and English that I used to teach as well, but I do love teaching geography and having just one subject to focus on is probably a good way to start given I don’t have nearly as much time to devote to work as I used to (that’s probably a good thing too though).

  4. kris says:

    I love that book too. I must get it out and read it again!

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