Picking stuff.

Fruit trees really are an exercise in delayed gratification, aren’t they? David18 and I planted our mandarine tree a year ago, after a guy at work brought in some mandarines from his tree. Tiny, but so very tasty, so I hunted down the same sort of tree and brought it home.
This is the lone mandarine. I’ve been eying it off for months, and on Sunday I picked it on a whim, brought it into David18 and said, “Do you want to go halves in our crop?”
He was sure it’d be bitter, but it was lovely. So much tastier than the galumphing great big ones you buy in the shops.
Maybe next year we’ll DOUBLE our crop???


And here’s part of my lunch that I picked while I was coming back in from the chooks. Self-sown lettuce and some French Breakfast radishes from Rob. (Rob started a seed swapping group on FB and these seeds are part of it.) These radishes are HUGE.

Anyway, I’d better race off and get it all ready. It’s 8.05AM and I still have to eat breakfast and get dressed. Lucky I live so close to work!

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5 Responses to Picking stuff.

  1. Jane & the curly club says:

    Fruit trees, delayed gratification, so true & when you leave a house it’s weirdly
    harder to wave goodbye to the finally productive tree than the house.
    My Malaysian sister in law has a saying “When a woman plants a fruit tree she is here to stay.”
    Curly Club

  2. Ellen says:

    One whole, delicious mandarine! Glad it was shared and enjoyed and wishing you a bumper crop next year. There really is nothing like picking food from your own garden, knowing that it really is organic and not only that, but also what went into making your own compost to grow it in the first place.

    I picked our fruit ‘crop’ this weekend. 1 strawberry. 1 blueberry – delicious I had to eat it there and then – no sharing. A handful of red gooseberries (much nicer than the green). A slightly larger handful of blackcurrants. We planted a whitecurrant bush two years ago. Last year the birds ate the whole crop while I dilly-dallied about deciding whether they were ripe or not. This year I wasn’t taking any chances and picked about a pound of fruit which has gone straight into the freezer. I have seen a sweet white wine recipe that can be made with the whole fruits which in the picture looked very spohisticated …but I will reserve all hopes on that score until it’s been made. And, sticks and sticks of rhubarb, which looked rather green and skinny, but tasted delicious. I made an almond, ginger and rhubarb crumble which was a quick and easy success – my kind of cooking.

    Sorry this comment is so long (the wrong place I know,) but the summer holidays have just begun, and on day four, I feel like I’ve got all the time in the world.

  3. Liz says:

    I bought a few dwarf citrus a couple of years ago, a lemon, a lime, an orange and a mandarin. The others have fruited but I’m still awaiting a mandarin thus making me hugely impressed with yours!!!

  4. Rob Bob says:

    Glad they went well for you. Never had much luck with them..
    : )»

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