Cool Band dudes.

Sunday afternoon was Band Practice. David18 and Ryan17 are in a band together and they’re getting an act together to go and compete in ‘Battle of the Bands.’ I dropped them off after lunch, then spent a showery afternoon racing around doing things in the house and garden. At around 4.30 I got the text asking for a lift home.

I pulled up outside the back of the shop where they rehearse. (Incidentally, not a bad place for a band to play on the weekends. Hardly anyone is around to be annoyed… not that their music is awful or anything.) Ryan17 came out with a couple of guitars to put in the back of the station wagon. He has the long hair, slouchy posture and massive beanie that makes him look like a classic rock musician or local yokel. He put the guitars in the back, turned around and glanced up at the sky. He came around to the side window with a smile on his face.

“Look Mum,” he said. “A rainbow.”

He went back inside, then two seconds later the rest of the band barrelled out to take a look.

I don’t care how cool you are – everyone loves a rainbow.

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One Response to Cool Band dudes.

  1. Ellen says:

    Precious moments! Good luck to the boys’ band and I think your picture would make a great album cover.

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