WIN!: Multi-Functional WIN

Isn’t this just the BEST idea? Makes me want to put a second storey on the house just so I can have this.


Instead I have blurry flowers in a jam jar. They make me happy.

Big news! My friend Mary has just released a book on fruit and vegetable growing. (She’s the one who took the photos.) I ordered my copy this morning and I think you should too. She’s the most amazing photographer and she’s very nice IRL too.

Well, it’s 710AM so I’d better go and wake the boys and prepare for tonight’s demo. Two more demos on Saturday and then Monash Uni’s open day on Sunday makes for a pretty full weekend. Still haven’t planted my tomato seeds…

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  1. Catherine says:

    Ohhhhhhh love those steps. What a fabulous idea and they look fantastic. I’m thinking I wouldn’t put a second story in – I would just have them in the corner of a room to make a fabulous display unit and a really talking piece. I guess if I was being super tricky I could have the stairs leading to a door that would go no where….just my warped mind….lol.

  2. Urspo says:

    Hurray ! Like a lost sheep, what was lost is now found !!!!

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