Skinflint Sunday: Enjoy the quiet times.

Celery anyone?
Here’s my bay tree. Really more like a bay PLANT but give it time. I bought this as a small nub of a plant in K-Mart about 3 years ago. I figured that the small amount of times I cook with bay leaves, I’d rather wander out the back and pick one rather than keep shelling out for leaves from the supermarket. I planted it in this HUGE terracotta pot, figuring it’d have plenty of time to grow to fit the pot. Earlier this year I planted a ring of garlic around it, then gave it a covering of compost. Now I have cos lettuce springing up. (Not that I’m complaining.) The wire on the outside is to stop the chooks from leaping into it and scratching everything out.
Speaking of them, here they are. I let them out for a gallop when David18 and I came back from checking out the music and drama programs at the local uni.

Here they are just stretching their legs and having a good time. Except for Disney, who’s still broody.
After I took this I scooped her up and dumped her unceremoniously outside.
She’s glaring at me. She was only here for a short time before she got broody so she isn’t used to me at all. To her sister Lady Grey, the other lavender araucana, I’m ‘Mum’ who brings food and treats. But to Disney, I’m the bitch who keeps removing her from the unfertilised eggs that she’s SURE will one day turn into babies. So I’m a chick murderer in her eyes, I guess.
After that, I made an executive decision to pick our entire orange crop all in one go.


And here it is. Slightly bigger than a golf ball. I took it inside and cut it into quarters and generously decided to share it with David18.
Stupid boy thought it was too bitter. I was outraged. How dare he diss my orange crop?!? So I ate the rest. (And just for the record, it was fine. The boy’s a fool.)

Last year Shane gave me some marigold seeds he’d harvested. This year some self-sown ones are popping up. Much prettier than the plain old yellow or orange ones in the shops!

It’s a cold afternoon. The sun was out while we were at the university, but naturally now that we’re back home it’s threatening to rain. The pets are all inside and the heating’s on.
Molly’s much brighter and chirpier now that her teeth have been pulled out. I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t be able to eat her dry food, but I should’ve known better. Nothing gets between a Cavalier and food. Or between a Cavalier and a heating duct.

Well, unless it’s another Cavalier between a Cavalier and a heating duct. Poor Bertie had to settle for sitting further away.
Maris and Daphne were on the couch. Maris looks a little bit evil.

I was going to give you an update on the freezer worm farm but I’m looking at the sky and I’d better get out and bring washing in from the line and clean out the chook coop. I’ll just leave the prospect of that update dangling in front of you as an enticement to come back. I know for a fact that you just can’t wait…..

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Enjoy the quiet times.

  1. Jane & the curly club says:

    Ba ha ha, indeed I’m hanging on with bated breath for worm farm in freezer update. I’m ridiculously proud of my 10 year old box of wormy residents.

  2. shanegenziuk says:

    Yah! I knew those seeds would go on to bigger and better things 🙂

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