The Good Life

Loved this. (I guess I’m a Jammy bastard too… whatever “jammy” means…)

And as a report back:


Drop whatever you’re doing and make this cake!!! (Easier if you have a thermomix but I’m sure you can use a food processor.)
Absolutely amazing. SO delicious. Just don’t tell people what the main ingredient is until they’ve tasted it.
(Then they won’t care.)

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8 Responses to The Good Life

  1. Ellen says:

    What an amazing recipe! We made this on Friday evening when a family of four children came to visit (when my son was a baby, I became a registered childminder and looked after this family. The eldest is a couple of months younger than my Alex, and as babies do, the others came along until we were fit for bursting – so they are a bit like the brothers and sisters to him.) Anyway, Tara 18 has an intolerance to gluten, so your recipe appeared just at the right time. We had such fun making the cake – they couldn’t believe that we were actually going to put a can of kidney beans into it and between them had great laughs mixing, adding and blitzing. When the cake was cooked we put a layer of cherries in the middle and chocolate buttercream icing on top. As you said, delicious! This was the first home made cake Tara has had since being diagnosed with the intolerance earlier this year. She went home with half of the cake and the recipe. Thank you and your sister for sharing this incredible recipe:)

  2. My mum used to make this cake many years ago (I would say perhaps 30 years ago) well the recipe looks similar to it anyway, it came from a recipe book she had picked up somewhere that was all about cooking with beans…all types of beans….my mum went through a bean phase….we used to take turns in hiding this book….the cake I liked but not a lot of the other recipes…. I think I took it with me when I moved out of home (my sister paid me to take it from memory) but I do know I burnt it lol

  3. I am still considering the thermo. Looking into it, such a big outlay yet everyone who has one is converted. Wish they came out on loan first!

  4. I have made bean brownies before… awesomeness.

    Will try this cake.


  5. Stomper Girl says:

    It just sounds too healthy to be cake! I always thought jammy as in covered in jam aka very fortunate. You know, sticky, but fortunate to have so much jam.

  6. jan2132 says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve passed it on to a son who has a diagnosed coeliac daughter whose two siblings are gluten intolerant.

  7. Isabelle says:

    Jammy definitely = lucky. And now I’m off to try that cake for my gluten intolerant son-in-law.

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