(A blast from the past.)

*Found a little blue egg in the garden this morning when I went to let the chooks out. You’d think with a perfectly good coop to lay eggs in they’d use it, wouldn’t you?
*Finally planted some tomato seeds. Then I went mad and repotted lots of cuttings and seedlings that I’ve been given. (Thanks Bev!) Sunday was a VERY productive day. Still haven’t done much weeding though.
*Made the Magic Bean cake and took it into work. Everyone loved it, especially the coeliacs. (One guy had two slices!)
*Wishing today was a public holiday. Ahhhh wellll…. 4 periods of year 8 speeches are in front of me today.
*Read somewhere on the net this morning that the average Aussie takes only 3K a year off the principal of their home loan. I always KNEW I was above average!!!

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2 Responses to Snippets.

  1. Stomper Girl says:

    Love the photo of your boys! Awesome foursome.

  2. Ellen says:

    A great photo of the boys – happy days!

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