I need some help around the house today.

School athletics day today. I’m going… the kids aren’t. Am going to leave a list of things that need doing around the house, with instructions that when they’re ALL done to text me to find out where I’ve hidden the modem.


(Got the idea from someone on a blog or FB… utter genius!)

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4 Responses to I need some help around the house today.

  1. sootie says:

    Bravo!! So simple, yet so elegantly effective. You are truly the champion of parents of teenagers everywhere 🙂

  2. jan2132 says:

    Ha,ha! That’s a good one. I used to prefer Athletics Carnival to swimming when I taught. It’s pleasant in Sydney but chilly.

    One member of staff used to bring a thermos of adulterated coffee. to keep warm. Amazing the difference a swig of brandy made to it.

  3. Ellen says:

    Yes, that would definitely work – I’d love to see their faces when they read your note.

  4. Kate says:


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