Skinflint Sunday: When life gives you lemonade/s….

Music FAILS: That's Arguably the Reason WHY People Become Musicians

Oh no. What have I done???!!


But here’s an example of what I’m working with.
David18 had a ‘Beauty and the Geek’ party to go to last night. Scrubs up a treat, doesn’t he? It’s a pity the photo doesn’t show the sandals and socks he was wearing.


One of Tony’s customers got him to go over and pick all of the “sweet lemons” from her tree, so the boys brought back a whole box of them. I’m thinking they’re lemonades. I ate half of one last night and they’re sweet enough to eat but are still slightly tart. I squeezed the rest into the glass of water I have beside my bed at night. When the text came through at 1PM to pick up David18 I had a swig of water and it was beautiful! All citrus-y.

So this morning I’ve been juicing them and putting them in ice cube trays. A glass of water and a cube of citrus juice every night might be Just The Ticket!
(Waste not, want not!)

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7 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: When life gives you lemonade/s….

  1. kris says:

    Very cool t-shirt on your geek!

  2. Ellen says:

    I think David has a touch of the Clark Kent about him and hope he enjoyed himself all geeked up.

    As for Tony’s customer – she had more than 1 lemon on her tree? Yesterday I was reading up on lemonade recipes from Rhonda’s ‘weekend reading’.

  3. Jane & the curly club says:

    So sorry to be a killjoy but that’s the absolute worse thing you can do for your tooth enamel. Enjoy the lemon drink during the day and clean your teeth afterwards.

  4. Jane & the curly club says:

    Ps loved the party photo. I’m enjoying the humour of the teenager in my house. The mess, not so much!

  5. Laura Jane says:

    bwahahahahah on the Beauty and the Geek pic!

    And just a thought on the lemons – perhaps puree/TMX a few ones whole,(and freeze) then you will have a zesty lemony base for cakes/icecream/preserves. I have a recipe for muffins that uses whole smooshed oranges, that I am sure would translate to a lemon base. I used to smoosh next door’s tart oranges and freeze them for the recipe. Its also good in fruit cake. Or as a starter for marmalade.

    Report back!

  6. Urspo says:

    lemoncello or whatever it is called, viz. the alcohol lemon drink from Italy – make some !

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