WIN!: Teamwork WIN

It was a horribly freezing morning at the athletics day. I lost all feeling in my toes and it wasn’t a wonderful morning. Then at around 12 the sun came out and the day turned out ok. (I still needed to come home and crawl under the doona for a thaw-out though.)

At around 9.30 my phone got a text. I was pretty amazed, because there’s no way I would’ve predicted that the boys would get up that early. As it happens, I was right. It was a text asking me if I could help out at a demo that night.

Just before 1 my phone rang. It was Evan15.

“Where do you put the detergent in the washing machine?” he asked.

I told him and asked how the jobs list was going

“We’ve done most of them,” he said.

“Well, when you’ve finished call back and I’ll tell you where it is,” I said.

Half an hour later my phone rang again. When I told him that it was beneath the dirty washing in the laundry hamper there was a sigh.

“I should have known…” he said.

When I came home the house looked good. I made bread dough before I went out and taught Ryan17 how to deal with it after it has risen. David18 was in charge of making pasta for them in the thermomix for dinner and Evan15 was out working at the local fish and chip shop.

Quite a productive day for everyone!

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