Blue skies smiling at me.


Spring’s coming! It’s a wonderful sunshiney day and the garden is calling. I have the morning to potter around and then in the afternoon I’m going to S’s house *waves* for a thermomix demo and then I’m delivering another thermomix to a lovely woman who is a cancer survivor. She’s been advised to eat mainly raw food, so the 37C temperature setting on the thermomix really grabbed her attention, as she can still ‘cook’ her food but keep all the enzymes alive in it and get more bounce per ounce. It’s times like this that I’m really glad I’m doing this.
I’m also planning to make some chlorophyll paste before I leave. David18 is really sick (tonsilitis) and he really needs a ‘pick-me-up.’ If I make it now it’ll be ready for him to take before he goes to bed. The poor kid’s running on empty at the moment and this paste has so much goodness in it that he’ll feel the benefits immediately. He;s in year 12 so we don’t want him to take too many more days off school – we’re reaching the pointy end of the year.
Anyway, back to the pottering!


I had garlic chives growing in a pot for a few years. Every winter they’d die down, then every spring they’d pop back up. Last year I divided the plant and gave one half to Blogless Sandy and plonked my half into the front verandah wicking herb bed. Regular as clockwork, up they’ve popped again.
I don’t use garlic chives all that often, but occasionally it’s really nice to have them here when I want them. (Bit like the kids, really.)


I’m inordinately pleased about this lemon thyme. I went to a gardening club meeting a year or so ago… maybe two years ago, come to think of it; and brought home a cutting the size of my thumbnail. It struggled for ages but has now decided to live, thrive and survive. It’s looking so healthy and from memory it tastes so good. It’s going to take willpower to stop me hacking away at it.


Speaking of bringing things home from the gardening club, I also brought home some beetroot seedlings a few months ago. They’re looking good. I’m growing lots of beetroot this year because I use them in demos (a raw beetroot salad) and I like to use as many ingredients that I grow myself as I can. Plus, I really like the salad and I don’t want to go without. My gardening isn’t ALL altruistic!


And just to prove that I’m not the greatest gardener in the world…. I know. Shocking thought, isn’t it?... I bought three blueberry plants in February. Excellent deal, 3 for $20. Can’t go past that.
Would’ve been good if I’d planted them. They’re still sitting among the herbs on my front verandah, valiantly flowering away. The plum tree I bought as a companion to the satsuma plum tree in the front yard is sitting near them. Really should make an effort to get that into the ground as well. It’s starting to bud.

Maybe next weekend…/year?

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One Response to Blue skies smiling at me.

  1. Urspo says:

    I was just about to get some blueberry bushes when I had to move. I will be curious to hear how well they do for you!

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