Chlorophyll Paste


See the green of this stuff? Amazing.

After I blogged that I was going to make the chlorophyll paste for David18, then I was honour bound to do it. It seriously didn’t take very long.

After I crushed up some ice in the thermomix and put it into a bowl, I gathered lots of warrigal greens, silver beet and parsley. I stuffed them all into the thermomix bowl along with some water and let ‘er rip.


It has to cook at 70C for around 6 minutes to get the plants to release their chlorophyll into the water.

After that’s done you pour it all into the ice to stop the cooking process and then drain it through a chux and a colander to release the liquid and keep the paste that’s left behind.


I was about to throw the leftover liquid onto the garden when I thought I’d try it. Tastes like fresh green leaves.

This morning I put a teaspoonful of the paste into a glass of warm water and drank it. It had a mild taste that was in no way unpleasant. I’ll bet if you used mint leaves it’d taste really nice. I made all 3 of the younger boys take it, as two of them are home sick today with the man flu. They all eyed the glass dubiously but then after a cautious swig downed it with no trouble.

It’s GOT to be good for you!
(Recipe link in the previous post.)

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3 Responses to Chlorophyll Paste

  1. Fairlie says:

    Apart from looking very green, what does the chlorophyll paste do? Does it have some magic qualities?

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