Chook proofing.


My dwarf nectarine has blossoms. I think I might let it grow a nectarine or two this year; I think it’s old enough now.

I just love this country. Friday night I had a thermomix demo and I took along a woman from work. She’s Chinese. When I looked at her feedback form, under the question,”What is the first thing you’d make in your thermomix?” she wrote ‘Pizza.’ You can’t get more multicultural than that!


I bought a dwarf peach tree today and planted it in a bigger pot and put it near the back gate in a sunny spot. I’m hoping that this tomato frame will stop the gerls from digging it out of its pot.


Here’s another attempt at chook proofing. David18 was picking celery from a wicking bed and eating it while the chooks were at his feet. He intelligently offered them the leaves. Now I have no silver beet and my lettuce has sheared-off ends. My spring onion seedlings I bought were all dug up and the worms that were living in that spot are no doubt chook food. I’m hoping the flapping of the plastic and the two pots will stop them until I can get some netting.


Here’s a feijoa that foodnstuff gave me. I’ve chook proofed it by hiding it behind a small log and some tall pots with aloe in them. The chooks haven’t suspected a thing.


And last night was a red letter day. Or night. Whatever.
I harvested enough peas to use for dinner. (There were only two of us, but even so!! I was very happy.)

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One Response to Chook proofing.

  1. Liz says:

    Yay for your pea harvest and I hope your deterants work!

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