Failbook: This Picture Speak's Truth

Saw this one on Failblog this morning and had to share.


Evan16 (yes, he’s had a birthday since I last posted… incidentally so has David19)… anyway, Evan16 was mucking around with the camera and captured this shot with Daphne and Molly. Daphne loooves smooching the dogs and they put up with it. Even my parents’ dog, who chases every other cat under the sun, puts up with the domination from our cats.


There was also this one. Mollicent is a very patient and understanding girl.


Apologies for the ‘not-so-artistic’ photo but I was in a rush to photograph this and get it up onto the recipe forum. I first saw a recipe for watercress soup on Liz’s wonderful blog and I realised that it’d be very easy to adapt to the thermomix. I needed a third recipe up on the forum to complete one of the steps for my ‘Go Getters” (sounds very ‘rah rah’ but when I achieve them it’s extra $$ per sale so I’m going for it) so I had a play with the recipe and it was a success. I’m sure my version would taste a little different because I added the vegetable stock paste that we make, which has all manner of herbs, veggies and garlic in it. Still, I was very happy with it. Thanks Liz!


This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, when I was making poached eggs for breakfast in the thermomix. (You use silicon egg cup things.) I wanted to add a little green for interest and flavour, but it was a cold and wet morning and I didn’t want to walk out to the garden. Then my expert culinary eye fell upon the spring onion seedlings that were on the windowledge.


Om nom nom…


Once the family next door moved out, the younger boys went in and picked masses of the lemons from their tree. It’s a huge tree which bears well, so it’s be a shame if it got knocked down. Now comes the waiting game…. waiting to see if a family just moves into the place or if an ominous yellow sign goes up outside the property with details of a McMansion or units going up in its place.

I’ve been coming to some decisions about my work life next year. A few months ago I was approached by someone in the thermomix Biz who asked if I was interested in becoming a Group Leader. This means that I look after a section of Melbourne and co-ordinate the consultants in that area and run things like cooking classes, etc. The area adjacent to where I live was still open and so after a great deal of thought and a good deal of Maths I agreed to drop my hours at work and take on this new role.
As you can imagine, this is a big step for me. Anyone who leaves their marriage with $60 and 4 kids under 5 has a real attachment to security… you NEVER want to be in that vulnerable position again. Dropping my hours at work was something I never thought I’d be able to do. However, after talking with my principal (who wasn’t happy about me doing it but assured me that I’d have a full-time position anytime I wanted it again) I decided that I’d be silly if I didn’t take this opportunity and see where it leads.
Next month I leave the boys Home Alone for 4 days and go and do the training course. God, I hope my chickens are all still alive when I get back!! I’ve been working full pelt and it doesn’t look like slackening off any time soon, but I’m really enjoying it all and I figure that if I’m still working towards my goal of being debt-free by the time Evan16 finishes school then it’s all good.
Wish me (and the consultants in Mt Waverley!) luck!!!

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11 Responses to Apostrophes

  1. Flirby says:

    Oh, congratulations on the new work opportunity! Sounds fantastic, particularly if you get to keep the option of returning to teaching full time if you decide it isn’t for you, I think you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Hopefully you get to go somewhere exotic for the training!

  2. How wonderful and what an amazing opportunity you get to take while knowing you have the backup of fulltime teaching to fall back upon. I am sooooo happy for you

    Re – the delicious breakfast ….. hey, micro greens are all the rage with cheffy types but I bet theirs are no where near as fresh as yours were. I do love poached eggs, and determined cats!

  3. Laura Jane says:

    Go for it!!! You only live once, and this has been a surprisingly enjoyable and lucrative venture for you. You are such a hard worker I just know you’ll make a good job of it. It is just a new version of teaching, after all.


  4. Ellen says:

    Belated birthday greeting to you and all other members of the Frogdancer household who celebrated their birthdays this month – I hope the next year will bring good things to you all.

    You could have knocked me down with a feather – the last thing I expected to hear was that you may be reducing your school working hours next year!!! What a fantastic and exciting opportunity you have been presented with (and what a dilemma!!) I am fully with the comments above and just know that you would make a terrific success of becoming a Thermomix Group Leader. With the support of your (wonderful) Principal at school, you really can afford to take that leap into the unknown and with your imagination, drive and enthusiasm I just know it’s going to be a huge success. I am so excited for you and so happy to hear your news.

    PS – the birthday poached eggs look divine!

    • Frogdancer says:

      Thanks. It was a scary decision to make. I’ve set my life up pretty well, working two minutes from home, close to everything we need… so this was a bolt out of the blue. I know I can work with the people… it’s the actual COOKING and the paperwork I’m worried about!!! All the other GLs seem to be amazing intuitive cooks…. I bought my thermomix because it’d make cooking easier and I’d have less disasters. (Which has actually worked out quite well!) Who would’ve thought I’d be running cooking classes? Never in a million years….! Frogdancer

      > Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 19:26:56 +0000 > To: frogdancer01@hotmail.com >

  5. Jane & the curly club says:

    An enjoyable cooking demo is as much about the acting skills and confidence of the cook as it is about the food. That’s why Stephanie Alexander’s tv show bombed, great food, wooden performance. It’s also why I’m guessing you will be a huge success. Good luck Frogdancer and very happy birthday to you and your two newts.

  6. foodnstuff says:

    Whatever you do, you’ll do well. Good luck with it all.

  7. maybaby says:


    Here’s to scary (but exciting) life decisions! Girl, so proud of you…I’m sure this will be a tremendous success for you!

    And here are a few more exclamation points that asked to be in this comment but have no other place to gather: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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