Parenting Fails: Sock it to Me

Genius! I would’ve laughed so much if I was that Mum.

Holidays are finally here. This term really seemed to drag towards the end. By the last week I was practically just putting one foot in front of the other, just willing the holidays to arrive. I have seeds unplanted; tomato and spring onion seedlings practically accusing me of cruelty to plants by not having transplanted them into bigger pots a fortnight ago; we’ll run out of soap soon unless I can get my act into gear and make some more; the weeds in the garden beds are as tall as triffids – but now I have sweet sweet time during the day to tackle everything.

A photo of happy chickens. Every Friday I get some leftover veggies from the local fruiterer. Sometimes we tip them straight into the compost, but yesterday David19 decided to give them to the chooks.


While that was going on outside, Hazel and Buffy were competing for space in the only nesting box the gerls use. There’s another one right next door but no! The right-hand one is apparently the only acceptable one.


Anyone know how to get rid of aphids on garlic? Out of 100 bulbs I planted, I only have about 20 left. Argh!!


While I was in the chook run taking photos I thought I’d show you the miniature pear tree. I thought I might’ve killed it because after I brought it home in a pot I forgot to water it for a few days and all the leaves fell off. I planted it anyway, crossed my fingers for luck and left it to stand there like a twig all winter.
Look at the alchemy of Spring! Look at Lady Grey, the lavender araucana! You’d never pick her as a chicken if you saw her in the street, would you?


My pomegranate tree is looking happy. I don’t know how those whippy little branches will support pomegranates though. Surely they’d be too heavy?


Remember the pineapple sage I transplanted under the fig tree when I realised that it was totally pot-bound? The plucky little thing has sprouted again. I think I’ll leave the dead branches at the top as a type of chicken deterrent and I’ll let it do its thing and grow. Pretty happy about this!


Buds on the dwarf Pink Lady apple. Please ignore the weeds in the background.


Look up in the sky! Asparagus shoots as big as the clothesline. They’re taller than me!!


Oops. I left this carrot a bit too long. I guess now I’ll learn how to harvest carrot seed. I really have to get out into the garden and get some work done. Lord knows what else is happening out there.


For example, look at how the marigolds have taken over the end of the wicking bed. This wasn’t intentional, by any means. Still, they look cheery and they attract beneficial insects so they can stay until I need the space.


Here’s something else I’ve neglected. Bertie needs a good bath, groom and cuddle. Here he is demonstrating his ability to sleep standing up.


For the first time ever, we’ve had enough peas to actually use in meals, instead of just as a tasty snack while gardening. These wicking beds are truly the way to go. The produce they can sustain is pretty amazing.


This is a pot of basil mint that has grown from a cutting that foodnstuff gave me the last time I saw her. It’s perched up on an upturned bucket to keep it out of the chooks’ way. I’m loving a few leaves of this in my daily salad that I’m picking for lunch. It adds a deep flavour that I really like. David19 isn’t keen, but we all know that’s just crazy talk. It’s delish.


The far left wicking bed in the driveway was the one I decided to rest over winter. I placed some pots with cuttings there to keep them safe from the chooks and frost so they could overwinter in relative safety. There’s a tansy and marjoram that Shane gave me; a cretan savoury, rosemary cuttings and a red tamarillo that foodnstuff gave me; a lavender cutting from my lavender in the front yard and a feral cos lettuce that has fed some slugs (which in turn has fed the chooks) and has also given me lunch on a few days. Free food!
One of the jobs these holidays is to work out where I want these plants and to get the bed ready for Spring veggies. Interestingly, the bed also has worms in it. This was one bed where I didn’t put any in, but they’ve moved in nonetheless. They’re going to love it when I put in a worm feeding station!


Here’s a turnip from the middle wicking bed in the driveway. Lots of turnips are going to be put in soups over the next week or so… I want that bed for my spring veggies.

I think I’m going to start up the Independence Days challenge again, now that spring is here. It’ll keep me accountable. No point having these garden beds if I’m not doing anything with them!

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9 Responses to Holidays!!

  1. kris says:

    My yr 11 daughter was so done this term! This last week has been sooooo hard. SACs every day and no want to get to school at all. Usually she catches the bus, but in order to make it less of a stumbling block in her mind I promised to drive her to school each morning. It gives her an extra 20 minutes and most mornings this week those extra 20 minutes were the only thing that got her there!!!

  2. kris says:

    So yes, YAY! the holidays! Looking forward to this break. (Which is what I really wanted to say and then didn’t.)

  3. Dee says:

    Good luck getting rid of the aphids. I couldn’t get rid of mine using my usual garlic and/or chilli and/or soap and ended up throwing out my garlic that i had for years.

  4. Urspo says:

    I always enjoy seeing your garden photos; I miss gardening.

  5. Garlic is normally okay….I would say your soil is really really good and they have got weak….my best method with them involves my hands….as in just grabbing every leaf and squishing them by running my hand down the leaves….this is how I handle them on roses and it seems to help get rid of them

  6. Liz says:

    I had those aphids last year and this year I’ve had them on some garlic and my garlic chives. Squishing them works provided you get all of them as does pyrethrum spray if you are happy to use it. If you do squish them remember to wear gloves as they kind of dye your finger purple otherwise. What doesn’t work is spraying them off which is what I’ve always done with the green aphids. The black ones seem attracted by damp conditions so it just makes it worse.

    • Frogdancer says:

      Argh! I’ve been trying to spray them off!I’ve got time now, so I’ll wander around and try to kill them manually. Most of the garlic in the front yard have gone to God, which is annoying. There’s about 80 plants that would’ve been very handy to have.The CERES thing won’t be happening, I’m afraid. Brennan (Ryan17) decided that as he isn’t taking up the correspondence subject next year there’s no point in taking a full day off to go to a seminar. I was glad, because I’m saving my sick days for when I got to Europe in 2015, but it was also really annoying because it was going to be fun to meet you and wander around talking of all things garden-y.Speaking of which, I’ve got about 20 tomato seedlings that WILL be transplanted into tube pots today (poor things. They’ve been crying out for it for weeks) and a couple of in-ground veggie beds that desperately need to be stripped off weeds and borage plants so we can have food over summer. Thank goodness the holidays are finally here! Frogdancer

      > Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 12:32:56 +0000 > To: >

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