Spent the day in the garden.


Look!! Carrots! Remember how I left the carrot plant for too long and it went to seed? I thought I’d better pick the ones around it to see how they went.
I grew them in a wicking bed, so I figured that the loose soil would let them grow straight and it worked. Had them roasted with some potatoes and rosemary. So tasty.


I had a busy day in the garden yesterday. I cleared out the wicking bed in the driveway that had all the pots in it over winter and planted this Grosse Lisse tomato that I bought in Aldi a couple of weeks ago for $1. I’ve never grown them before so I thought I may as well jump on the bandwagon.


Last weekend when the gardening group was at Keith’s house, he gave me this mustard plant. I’ve popped it in with the tomato plant and a feral lettuce. It’s looking pretty happy.


Look! Tomato seedlings that can now stretch their legs!! I was potting these up in the bright sunlight while David19 and his band were rehearsing in the garage. They’re a jazz band and it sounded fantastic as I was working away. I was sorry when they wrapped it up.


Repotted the curry leaf tree because it was looking a bit sad. It cost me a fortune at CERES when I bought it ($18.95 for a tiny plant) so when the leaves started to go yellow I thought I’d better get onto it! People tell me that they grow like weeds (but then again, they tell me that about pumpkins and I can’t grow them either!) so I’m looking forward to delicious soups.


Look at the sad garlic after the aphid infestation. (The bottom right box is spring onions.) I went around yesterday and squashed every aphid I could find. I’m thinking that these plants in the front yard are goners, though maybe the ones in the back yard might survive. Thanks to all the people who gave me advice about the aphids. *sigh*


Here’s my first wicking boxes. The rhubarb died back over winter but look! It’s back! I left it to grow last year but this year I’m thinking that apple and rhubarb is on the menu.

I pulled out the leeks that were in the right hand bed and put in some spring onions instead. I mulched with some rice hulls that I have on hand to use in the chook nesting boxes, because they’re tiny and they’re not going to squash down the baby spring onions. (The hulls, not the chooks.) Hopefully they’ll ‘take’ because I use spring onions in every demo and I like getting them for free.

And just to show that things are still being neglected: here’s a French Breakfast radish that’s going to seed. Oops.

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4 Responses to Spent the day in the garden.

  1. librarygirl says:

    Our rhubarb has been moved so many times it must be giddy!
    My husband loves Grosse Lisse tomatoes and we put some in every year – they are good producers. I love vegetable gardening in the spring

  2. I love watching the rhubarb appear each year….those magnificent leaves unfolding

  3. Urspo says:

    Oh but I miss growing toms !

  4. Liz says:

    I find my curry leave tree looks sad until later in Spring and then comes to life. They don’t really like the cold and mine seems to wait until well into Spring to recover from it. Weeds is probably overstating it but once they reach a certain size they do seem to grow pretty well.

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