An interesting meeting and a walk through the veggie garden.


I woke up early this morning and took a wander around, camera in hand. The rosemary in this vase was from a customer. I did a demo at her place and after we filled out her order form (yay!) we went for a walk around her garden. Gardeners tend to find each other, don’t we? She had a rosemary plant that was taller than I was.
I was so envious. I love rosemary and all of mine are still tiny plants. She looked at me once I said that and said, “Pruning’s really good for them. Take as much as you want!”
She raced off and got some secateurs and set me loose.
I’ve been using the fresh rosemary in the pizzas I make in demos and I’ve been drying the rest. We love it on roasted potatoes. People are so lovely!


Carrot flowers. Aren’t they pretty?


The plant itself is huge. I’m letting it go, hoping that it’ll attract bees.
Actually, I was starting to get a bit worried as I hadn’t seen many bees in my garden at all this year.
Then I went into my right-hand veggie garden, which has become overrun with warrigal greens and borage. I was planning to rip out most of the borage (and I still will) but hey presto! The blue borage was seething with bees. My columnar apple trees are engulfed with the borage and their blossoms are mixed in with the blue flowers. I’m thinking we should get a good setting of apples this year.


My scarlet runner beans have popped back up from where I planted them last year in the back wicking bed. However, they’re not looking altogether happy. I’m hoping that as the weather heats up they’ll get happy and green.


Green aphids have found the peas. I’ll be ripping them out, though I’m hoping to save some peas to use for seed next year. Mick from the gardening group gave me these peas last year so it’d be nice to keep them going.


I bought a bay tree from K-Mart about 3 or 4 years ago and planted it in a big pot. I figured that over time, this will be a very handy plant to have. I hate buying dried bay leaves. I never used to use a lot of them, but now that I’m making my own stock paste from my veggies I’m using a lot more. The tree seems to have enjoyed the regular pruning because it’s shooting in all directions.


Basil sprouting from my own seeds that I saved last year. Very exciting! I made lots of pesto… (still have 2 more pesto cubes left in the freezer) … so I’m planning on doing the same this year. I just LOVE the smell of basil. It’s even better than the smells of lavender and rosemary.


While I was taking the photos of the carrot, I decided on a whim to pull up the monster beetroot plant that was growing just a little further on in the same bed. Two came up. One was a reasonable size but the other was massive. See? It’s bigger than Daphne’s head.


Daphne enjoys seeing what I’m doing in the garden. She’s my constant companion when I’m out there.


Molly keeps an eye on things but she’s more an inside pet than a gardener.


When I let the chooks out for the morning, I gave them the beetroot leaves. It was like a pack of sharks in a feeding frenzy. They went nuts!

I start my training to become a Group Leader next week, so I was invited along to a meeting that the company had for Group Leaders a couple of days ago, seeing as I was so close to being one myself. They had a guy called Ian Duncan speaking. He was originally a primary school principal, but left when he was 48 to work for Mary Kay. Within two years he was running the Australian/New Zealand divisions. He was talking about leadership and what it means to run a team of people.

I was particularly impressed with the warmth and humanity that he exhibited. He’s definitely a people person and has worked with predominately women in both of his careers, so he understands a lot of what concerns us and what we’re about. But what also interested me is an exercise he did right at the start.

He asked us to give our name, how long we’d been in the business and then the reason why we decided to take the plunge and become a thermomix consultant. It was really eye opening to hear the reasons.

With myself; I already had my career and my independent income. For me it was purely to increase my income stream from the vow of poverty that teachers swear when we begin because I knew that Evan16 was going to have to have very expensive dental work. (Turns out it’s going to be 7K. Terrific.) My reasons were financial. I saw an excellent product that sells itself and is ultra-reliable so I knew I wouldn’t be having trouble with disgruntled customers.
It was also that I’m so conscious about being a role model for the boys. I want to show them that with hard work, dedication and discipline you can achieve the goals that you set yourself. They know that I want to pay off the mortgage and be debt-free by the time Evan16 finishes school. It’s not going to happen by just sitting around and wishing for it! They’re always watching, kids, aren’t they? Even when you think they aren’t. So I grabbed the opportunity and decided to have a crack at it.

But with others it turned out to be for many different reasons.
One woman said that she wanted to be able to spend money on herself without feeling guilty, so she began her business so she could do that.
Quite a few women said that they needed something for themselves; they’d lost themselves in the whole husband and kids thing and they wanted to have something that was separate from that.
A couple of women said that they’d always wanted to have their own business and this was a model that was attractive and financially worthwhile.
One woman said that she’d retired and after a few months of sitting on the couch she was going stir crazy. She realised that she has a really strong work ethic that needed to be fulfilled and this business gave her that, along with the flexibility to choose her own hours.
A few people said that they loved the product so much that they were referring a lot of people to their consultant until it dawned on them that if they were selling the thermomix, they may as well get the commissions!!
A couple of people said that someone told them they’d be really good at this, so they tried it. (One woman said that no one had ever said that to her in her whole life. Imagine that…)

I found it fascinating to hear. It’s the same opportunity, but people came to it from so many different angles. Sometimes I think it’s really good to be reminded not to get blinkered with your own perspective and to see things from other sides. These women were from all over the state and were from all sorts of different social and socio-economic backgrounds. It didn’t matter. The speaker was so good that after he’d finished I had a chat to him, got his card and on the way home I dropped it into my principal’s house and recommended him as someone who’d be really good to come and talk to the staff. He was talking about treating people with humility and respect, behaving with absolute integrity while seeking the best for them but also having an expectation of excellence, (both from them and from yourself) which dovetails perfectly into what we do at school. Isn’t this exactly what we want from our teachers, and don’t we want our students to perform to their very best? I loved it.

I have a few more days before the whirlwind commences. I’m taking the first 4 days of term off to go and do this training. I read the plan for it this morning and they have people coming from all over Australia, with a couple coming from New Zealand and one woman coming from South Africa! It’s going to be bigger than Ben Hur. Then I’ll be back into the normal routine, but this time juggling my team’s schedules as well as my own/the boys’/my students. Piece of cake! (Pray for my poor garden!)

I’m going back to Phillip Island on Thursday night to do a delivery demo. Just on the off chance, anyone who lives up that way who’d like to have a demo, feel free to message me. Last time I was there I did a demo at Phillip Island in the day, the one in Wonthaggi at night. I like killing two birds with the one stone!

Now I’m off to feed the chooks and start the day. Aren’t school holidays the best?

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3 Responses to An interesting meeting and a walk through the veggie garden.

  1. Liz says:

    My Scarlet runner beans have yet to appear so even brownish leaves are better than what I have – admittedly mine and buried somewhere underneath a huge parsley plant but still….

  2. Urspo says:

    Frenzied chickens is rather unsettling – what are you feeding these bezerkers?

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