A fantastic surprise.


An update on my weekly grocery figures. For a refresher on what I include in these figures, go here. It’s the post I wrote in January about how I kept our expenses down to $140/week in 2011. Keeping in mind that I’m feeding 5 Adults, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 10 chooks on that amount, I didn’t think I could do much better, as this is an insanely small amount to have to spend to keep breath in all our bodies each week.

I’ve been insanely busy this year due to the full-time English teacher job, the thermomix business I now have and the general life of a single parent to 4 teenagers. I haven’t had time to scan the pamphlets for each week’s loss leader’s at the big supermarkets, so I know I’ve missed out on a few great savings. Still, I’m only one woman and I can’t do everything.

Given that, I’d fallen a couple of months behind with the whole “plugging figures into the spreadsheet” so one of my jobs in the school holidays was to get up to date.

Once I did that, I got curious. How was I going with the average weekly figures? The spreadsheet couldn’t give me that yet (it works on the amount divided by 52 weeks and we haven’t had that many weeks in the year yet!), so I had to do it the old fashioned way with a calculator. I used the figure of 40 weeks and got my oldest son, the Maths whizz, to check my workings out. I wasn’t feeling particularly sanguine about the result as I’d just gone to Aldi yesterday and spent nearly $500 on groceries.

Turns out we’re now sitting on $111/week average spend.

It blew my mind.

The ONLY thing that’s changed since last year is that I’m now using a thermomix.

Working with round figures, $30 X 40 weeks = $1200. I’ve paid off roughly 2/3rds of my thermomix in 8 months. (No wonder my mortgage has been plummeting downwards this year! I put every spare penny towards it.)

Making stock paste, custards, icecream, sorbets, icing and castor sugars, biscuits, pizzas, cakes, marinades, sauces and jams from scratch, as well as being able to avoid takeaways because it’s simply easier and quicker to throw something into Uma (my name for her. Uma Therman-mix) are all little savings… but those savings add up. I use it every single day to make so many things apart from dinner every night… and now I love it EVEN MORE!!!

The really sweet thing is that the thermie will power on for the next two decades, unlike some other, far cheaper brands. (Sorry if that miffs anyone, but it’s absolutely true. You get what you pay for. Why do you think I became a consultant? I take the long-term view with things.) Imagine how much money we’ll be saving on our grocery bills over the next 20 years? I figure that by the end of 12 months I will have just about saved the money that it cost me to buy Uma, so from then on the savings will be pure profit! (Or at least, ploughed into the mortgage to get us debt-free as soon as possible.)

It’ll be interesting to see what the final figures will be for the year, as that is the true test. Still, I’ve got to say that the figures for the first 40 weeks of the year are very encouraging.

This is not intended to be an ad for the thermomix. I’m very conscious that I’m a consultant so it might seem to be spruiking my own product. I’m just telling the truth as it’s happened. The figures don’t lie. I’m very pleased and excited.

 I love my Uma!

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