I’m back with some great news!

Wow!! What an amazing four days I’ve had. As a teacher I have to suffer through attend at least 20 hours of PD (professional development) each year, so over the years I’ve been to more seminars than you’ve had hot dinners. I was hoping that the four days wouldn’t drag too much…

Thankfully, this training session was THE best I’ve ever attended. It was engaging, incredibly informative and relevant and I’ve come away with my head stuffed with information, my excitement bubbling and the knowledge that I’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of me but that I can do it. I think. The food was excellent too. I’m going to miss having a sumptuous lunch provided each day. 😦

The boys coped beautifully without me, though they forgot to collect the eggs for the last two days. This morning when I went out to be reunited with the gerls I found little Disney (who’s broody again) perched precariously on top of 11 eggs. Not a bad little haul to bring into the fridge!

Now I’m coming to some news that won’t apply to some of you but the Australian readers may find VERY interesting. I hope so anyway, because I’m very excited about it. The Australian arm of Thermomix is offering 12 months interest-free terms starting this coming Monday. It’s only for a limited time so *waving arms in the air* Feel Free To Email Me For Further Information. You all saw my post about how much money I’m saving each week, so imagine….

For $40 a week (assuming you borrow the whole amount for the thermomix) then you too could have an Uma/George/Hermie/Thermie/Alfred/Boris in your kitchen. Seriously, this is a good time to imagine the possibilities and then do something about it. I can facilitate a purchase anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, so just because you don’t live in Melbourne don’t let that stop you from emailing me so I can fill you in on all the details.

I’m so excited about this offer!!! (Can you tell?) This opens up the options for lots of people so they can finally get their hands on a thermomix. I know that people are going to be so thrilled that this is on the table!!! I love my thermomix so much that I want everyone who wants one to have one in their kitchen. This brings it within reach to just about everyone.

Seriously, if you have a consultant already then contact her about setting up a demo so you can show this to the people you love who may crave the thermomix but who (for whatever reason) couldn’t afford to buy it immediately.  They’ll love you forever if you show them a way that they can get it. (And if you hold a demo you can pick up a cheap thermoserver or breadmat. It’s a win/win for everyone!)

Those of you who don’t yet have a consultant then absolutely feel free to email me and I’ll call you to see how I can assist you to eyeball a thermomix and call it your own. It’ll be the start of a beautiful relationship.

American readers, assuming you’ve made it this far… you can’t buy them in the States but you CAN contact thermomix Canada and ship it across the border. Lots of people are doing just that. I’d offer to post it to you but then the machine would cost a heck of a lot more. We can’t have that… we’re all about the Frugal here!!

I’m just about to leap into the shower and beautify myself for work. I haven’t seen my students for ages so it’ll be nice to see their little faces again. It’s been a very thermomix-heavy post this morning but I was BURSTING to tell you all about this offer and as it starts Monday I knew I had to get up early and let you all know.

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2 Responses to I’m back with some great news!

  1. Ellen says:

    It sounds like you had a brilliant time and what a fantastic offer – it’s going to make your new job so much easier. Sounds like the gerls went all out to welcome you home with 11 eggs, that must have been quite a sight with little Disney perched on top. The boys must be very happy to have their mum home too. Happy weekend and I hope you make a hundred sales.

  2. Peta Hills says:

    Hi Frogdancer, it’s Peta from Simple Savings. I would very much like to have a demonstration of this wondrous machine. I am in no rush but I would like to know where I could look and see the savings I might make from having one. I am in Melton so I was wondering if there was a demonstrator near me. Thanks.

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