Things I’ve seen and heard today.

* A guy in our staff room was telling me how he was wondering if Harry Potter had any catch phrases like ‘abracadabra’, so he sent out an email to his year 11 lit class asking them. The next morning he received an email from a girl in that class listing heaps of them. He was pleased, but then noticed that it was sent at 3.30AM.

He sent an email back to this student, thanking her for her help but then asking why on earth she was up at that hour. Her reply?

“Rest is for the weak.”


* I was in my year 9 English class and one boy was talking to another boy under his breath constantly. The second boy was getting a bit hot under the collar so I asked them what they were talking about. David turned to me with a face full of glee.

“I’m talking Americanisms to him, Miss,” he said. ‘It’s driving him crazy.”

It really was! David was talking about skateboarding on the sidewalk, going to the store, drinking some soda, reminiscing about his days in elementary school…. while Will was getting more and more exasperated. The final straw came when David passed him a note with the word ‘Mom’ in it.

Will stood up, dashed the note down on the desk and called out,”Miss!! Now he’s SPELLING like an American!!! It’s M-U-M, not M-O-M!!!!”

David’s face was a classic. He was reeling him in and enjoying every second of it. (So was I. It was hilarious.)

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3 Responses to Things I’ve seen and heard today.

  1. Peta Hills says:

    I see that that was posted at 3.32am, you must think rest is for the wicked too!

  2. Peta Hills says:

    Sorry, 3.22am, not 3.32am. My bad!

  3. That made me laugh. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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