Just popping in briefly…

Busy busy busy.
But I HAD to post a link to a blog which I’ve been reading for a while and then got to see in person.
Hang on… I’ll back up a bit. The blog is called Bek’s Backyard and she talks about all of the things she’s growing and espaliering and the like.

So yesterday I went out to do a thermomix demo at her place and I got to see the actual backyard.
Seriously… this girl is amazing. She’s so young and enthusiastic and in only 3 years or so she’s done incredible things with the garden… all by herself. When I saw the garden beds she’s put in, I felt like such a wimp. I’ve been wanting to do things like hers for ages, but where I’ve just sat and wished, she’s actually gone out, got her hands dirty and got the job done. If I had half her get up and go, my property would be a paradise. (And no… a paradise for weeds is NOT counted!)

Pop over and have a look. She’s got a plan for espaliering apple trees that is nothing short of genius. Her front garden is lovely, with flowers mixed in with veggies and NO LAWN. *envious sigh*

Plus she’s got the great good sense to become a thermomixer, along with her Mum. Woo hoo! (I said I’d put it a shout-out to Sarah somewhere in this post, so it may as well be here. Hi Sarah! Enjoy the cooking class in Sydney!)

Got to go. I’m delivering a talk today on how owning a thermomix AND growing your own food dovetails in together beautifully. And tonight I do another demo for another lovely blog reader. (Hi Sara!) Life has never been so busy, but I’m loving it.

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3 Responses to Just popping in briefly…

  1. Bek says:

    Awwww, shucks. Thanks so much for the demo, I had leftover mushroom risotto for dinner and in was even more awesome than yesterday. Now I just can’t wait to get the thermomix, but at least I have lots of thinking time to come up with as good a name as Uma!

  2. Sara says:


    Had a blast last night. Can’t wait for delivery of the therminator. Need to think of a name now.

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